Crazy Equifax/Privacyguard question

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bumpy9000, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Let me set this one up and hope you can help.

    1. the 30 day period for a CA to repsond from my validation letter was Friday. This CA has three accounts, they say, with me. The CA never responded to me and never put the items in dispute at the CRA's. I sent then an estopple letter.

    2. Also on Friday, I called CSC to check on the status of the dispute with this CA. I had put them in dispute 30 days ago. I noticed on my privacyguard on Friday, the accounts were no longer there. I just had to verify with CSC and they said they are not on my CR. DELETIONS.

    3. Yesterday, I went to check my privacyguard but I couldn't because it said they couldn't verify my SSN. So I called Privacyguard and they said there was something with Equifax that they couldn't verify my SSN and to try back in 24 hours.

    4. I pulled my Privacyguard today and checked Equifax very carefully. First, they have put an unknown previously deleted address back on there and they have added the three accounts from the CA back on. The kicker here is my Equifax score rose 61 points. I am confused.

    Is this reinsertiion or what is going on? This is strange. Anybody have any ideas on what I should do next?

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