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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nj_newbie, May 5, 2001.

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    Question: I need creative ideas on how to dispute items that have the "included in bankruptcy notation".

    thanks for listening...I hope to participate in the boards more frequently.

  2. bbauer

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    Well, in the first place you should never dispute anything at all, either with a credit bureau nor with a collection agency nor with an original creditor.

    Doing so is a terrible mistake even if you happen to win the dispute. Chances are you will not win the dispute anyway. Better to do it without disputing anything at all. It isn't even necessary to dispute to get things removed from your credit bureau files, so why do it? Disputing is an exercise in futility.

    Secondly, you get them removed the same way you get anything else removed. Just make them prove it.

  3. bbauer

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    Not quite.
    One does not say "prove it or remove it" to the credit bureaus. At least not and stay in the game.

    All that is necessary is to demand that they prove it. Let the rest up to them.

    Yes, one sometimes does run up against a reply that says absolutely nothing at all. Just a form letter with lots of blanks and no other information at all. An "answer" that is nothing more than an insult to human intelligence.

    That should be followed up with a letter stating just that and a photo copy of their insult for reference.

    Dear Sirs:

    Enclosed please find a copy of the letter I received from you in response to my lawful request that you prove the listing (copy thereof enclosed and outlined in marker).
    As you can obviously see, your reply was little more than an insult to human intelligence.

    Please be advised that I have filed complaint against you with the Better Business Bureau for your failure to respond in a coherent manner to my lawful demand for proof of the accuracy of the listing. I have also filed complaint with the FTC for the same reason.

    Do I have to also sue you in a court of law in order to force you to comply with my lawful request?

    Please be advised that you have 5 business days from the receipt of my demand for the name, company address and company phone number of the person having verified the report in which to have your reply in my hands.. In the
    event that you fail, please rest assured that you will become the object of more complaints to the proper authorities and may find yourself answering my demands before a court of law.


    They most assuredly do not like bad reports and complaints filed against them with the BBB. They pride themselves in maintaing a squeaky clean record with the BBB. They are far more afraid of the BBB than they are the FTC. They know that the FTC is pretty toothless for the most part, but they don't want public opinion being turned against them via the BBB, so they pay far more attention to that.

    The 100 word or less statement can also be used as a powerful weapon against them too if it is properly worded.

    Lots of ways to go to get the results desired. You just have to be innovative.

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