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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Sivaji Gan, Apr 17, 2000.

  1. Sivaji Gan

    Sivaji Gan Guest

    Does anyone know about Credicorp Inc. I
    received a notification to pay $29.95
    annual fee to get $10,000 credit limit
    Gold Card. I'm curious because I didn't
    apply for this card and whereabouts of
    this company.
  2. Fan

    Fan Guest

    I recieved one too. I checked online and found that I even can not find the website of this inc.
  3. Customer S

    Customer S Guest

    Sivaji Ganesh wrote:
    Does anyone know about Credicorp Inc. I
    received a notification to pay $29.95
    annual fee to get $10,000 credit limit
    Gold Card. I'm curious because I didn't
    apply for this card and whereabouts of
    this company.

    Dear Haji,

    Sure, go ahead and pay your $29.95 for your itty, bitty $10,000 credit line- if you're a sucker! And you can only use the line to buy shoddy junk out of their catalogue. But why settle for second best Haji? Johnny Quest already has our Credit Card Bulletin Board Cartoon Character Card. We offer a $1,000,000 credit limit for only $19.95+ tax. And instead of confining your purchases to a skinny catalogue which is smaller than a list of Hillary Clinton's virtues, you can use our line to buy anything in Toon Town! And Haji, just think how much Veronica Rabbit will be impressed by your big credit line! Some babes are for free Haji, for everyone else, there's MasterCard!
  4. Nae

    Nae Guest

    I received the same offer. The reply from "Customer Service" is idiotic. Does anyone else know more information about this Credicorp offer?
  5. Me too

    Me too Guest

    I also received one in the mail today. The response received from "Customer Service" is as good as no response at all. Anybody else with a decent response?
  6. Kathie

    Kathie Guest

    What state do they operate from? Call the banking commission or Attorney General in that state and find out if they are legitimate or if there have been complaints. The old "if it sounds too good to be true-- it probably is" might fit here.
  7. bg

    bg Guest

    EVERYONE, Credicorp Inc. is a company based in Texas. The card they are trying to get you to take is a JOKE, the card is only good
    for you to buy junk out of there catalog.
    And nothing else. Again it can only be used to purchase items out of their catalog.
    Their prices are alot higher than you would pay anywhere else. I would advise throwing
    the offer in the trash. Unless you need a catalog card.
  8. james

    james Guest

    Thanks for the info bg like they say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
  9. Jason K

    Jason K Guest

    I just got out of college and have been looking for a decent card but my credit is blemished. Along comes this "Gold Card" from Credicorp and the first thing I thought was this has got to be some kind of scam. I'm glad this website is here b/c it saved me alot of time. Go to hell creditcorp!
  10. ShannonEM

    ShannonEM Guest

    I dont know who Customer Service is but honestly I dont think the way you responded to Savaji Ganesh's was appropriate. I think he asked a legitimate question after all this is why he came here. I shiver to think that I have a question and you insult my intelligence in this way. I hope you are not a real customer service representative and if you are I hope I never have anything to do with the business you represent.
  11. Gregory

    Gregory Well-Known Member

    is there any that we can start to get our
    "money back guarantee" from this so called credit card company? And is there a phone number or addresss that we can contact them at?
  12. Carl Lockh

    Carl Lockh Guest

    Hello, I called my Information number and They gave me this number for Credicorp of Dallas Texas (1-214-915-7200) but all I got was a information line and was asked to wait 20 minutes to talk to someone. I was calling Long Distants and could not wait that long. The only address for them I have is 9158-King James Dr. P.O.Box # 569001. Dallas,Texas 75356. Hopes this helps. I never took this card as of yet, I want more Information on this company.
  13. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Carl throw that card away, it is a catalog
    card to use only to buy thru credicorp. Their
    prices are higher than any other place you can shop such as wall world and k-mart etc.
    I think you know what I mean. IT IS ONLY


    Yes, the address is:
    9158 King James Drive
    P.O.Box 569001
    Dallas, TX 75356-9855

    I cut out a few responses with no names or address, just the website address here and mailed it back to them in the free reply envelope asking for a catalog before I signed up for the card. I like looking at junk catalogs but I'm not going to get the card, even with bad credit I can still get more than 10K with 12%APR.

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