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  1. Raymond Pa

    Raymond Pa Guest

    I received an application for a preapproved gold card through Credicorp Inc. They have cashed my check for the annual fee but I haven't heard anything and don't have an 800 number. Does anyone know it?
  2. kyona eyow

    kyona eyow Guest

    I recieved the same similiar offer in the mail but it was under a fake name. I have not sent in a deposit yet, but it is very tempting because the must got the name from a junk mail list. I do know that scam artist can purchase names and addressess for cheap prices. I have a girlfriend who says that they took advantage of her brother in college and I should give them a run for their money. What they do is send you a book with items that you can only use the card for but I will use it alright.
  3. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    I am sorry to disappoint and as much as I'd like to see people stick it to a scam company such as CREDICORP it just ain't happening.

    You see they and other similar scam catalogs companies demand you put up to 30% deposit (shows what your "credit" is truly worth) and considering they overcharge by a huge amount and buy the stuff bulk wholesale at dirt cheap prices they would even make money off of the deposit if you try to screw them.

    Face it crooks always make sure to first cover their own ass.
  4. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    i was preapproved for a gold card through Credicorp Inc. I sent in the money order for the annual fee but i haven't heard or seen anything from them and i don't have an 800 # . if anyone do please email me.
  5. Marsha Wri

    Marsha Wri Guest

    Upon reading the Credicorp Ind. "URGENT" notice, it says that the Gold Card Membership (Not a Gold CREDIT CARD) is valid exclusively toward all credit purchases from THE credit provider. If you get an application for a Gold (credit) card, the annual fee USUALLY shows up on your billing statement. If this company was "above board", their URGENT message that was postmarked on Feb. 25, 2000 would have reached me sooner that Mar. 20, 2000. AND they would have had a Bank Affiliation and a phone number. I'm taking this to the post office and they can worry about it!
  6. Jeremy Spi

    Jeremy Spi Guest

    Have you gotten the address or phone number because I got into the same scam. Please if you have gotten either let me know.
    Jeremy Spillen
  7. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Bad mistake. I received an application about a month a go and I looked on the credit card boards and seen some BAD stuff about CrediCorp that I tore it up. Good luck on trying to get your money back if you go that route.
  8. Jude

    Jude Guest

    The address on the envelope is 9158 King James Drive P.O. Box 569001 Dallas, TX 75356-9855 Good Luck
  9. Brigit

    Brigit Guest

    I just had the similar thing sent to me. I sent it in and have had no reply as of yet. If anyone has the sheet I do think that there is a phone # on it not an 800 thou. I f anyone has this could you please email it to me? Thanks
  10. Brigit Ple

    Brigit Ple Guest

    After my entry I did some investigating. Here's what I found. Yes it is a catalog order company and their card can only be used for that. I called the Texas Better Business Beaura and they gave me the regular #. When I contacted the company they gave me the 800# so I will give you both!! Credit Corp 214-899-4662, the other is 800-899-4662. They told me that it would be from 7 to 14 days to recieve the info from them. I did ask for my money back because this isn't what I was looking for. I will have to call back because I'm not in the computer yet, but they did say once I am that I could get my money back. I did ask the BBB that if they wouldn't give my money back if I should call them back and they did tell me yes!!! So if you do want to get your money back and they give you a problem please call the BBB of Texas at 214-915-7205 and file a complaint. I do hope this helps a lot of you out there. They do not have a great rep with the BBB I was told. Please feel free to email me any comments or let me know how it goes!! Thank You so much all of you!
  11. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    thank you so much for your investigation because i was about to go on my own! I am going to request my money back tomorrow as soon as i wake up because that is not what i was looking for neither.
  12. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Ok people those of you that say that you have done some digging on Creditcorp Inc. I have some more dirt for you. Creditcorp Inc. is actually based in Peru! They have main offices in most country's in which they call their Home Office in most cases. They have been around for years and are very good at ripping people off so if you think that you are going to pull the proverbial wool over their eye's good luck you might get some somewhat cheap merchandice but think of how cheap it really is. Take the original price and add $29.95 plus shipping and handling and interest to the price you paid and than go to the nearest mall and find the same thing. I am whilling to bet that you will pay less at the Mall and it will probably be in better shape(no dings from shipping) and if there is something wrong with it it will be easier to return.

    I hope you take my advice and don't send back the application with a check instead send it with a note or letter to take you off there mailing lists for ever make copies of the "Urgent" Notice and the letter you sent them. If they ever send you something again by Law you can Take them to Court for Harrassment. Now think of that that is about the only way to stick it to them.

  13. jen

    jen Well-Known Member

    For those looking for a phone number; the only one I could find was for excluding oneself from further offers. It is for Transunion at 1.888.567.8688.
  14. DeltaCat

    DeltaCat Guest

    Credit Corp

    If you want to get your money back, and they give you a problem please call the BBB of Texas at 214-915-7205 and file a complaint.

    I do hope this helps a lot of you out there. They do not have a great rep with the BBB I was told.

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