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    You know Amy, I think you really must have a high stake in this company to defend it so strongly.

    I personally just recieved a statement from Credicorp and it inspired me enough to get on the internet and find out a little about it.

    Do you know what a pun is Amy? Because that is what the Credicorp mailer is. It is a pun with it's motive being deception. The integrity of the mailer simply isn't there. Taking advantage of others ignorance is a very poor foundation for a company to grow on. It displays a total lack of concern for the customer and their needs.

    If you truly care so much about the company then you should listen to the complaints of the customers and try to fix the breaks in communication. Otherwise this company is going to fail.

    I'm not trying to be rude just honest and helpful with the 15 years of hospitality buisness experience I've been fortunate to attain.

    Good luck to you.

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    Just hearing someone stick up for CREDIT CORP makes me wanna hurl. They are responsible for more than just a run of the mill act of deceptive practices. They have also prayed on the elderly who are none the wiser. So sad,,,,,
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    I'm sure that people will go on and on about their ASSUPTIONS again after this email. Not only are they doing this about Credicorp, but now they've moved onto me, accusing me of being an employee or have some kind of financial interest in the company. PLEASE! STOP IT ALREADY!
    to HELTEXX, yes, i have tried credicorp and that's the reason i am a little upset about all these negative comments about them. i mean, most these people haven't even tried it! but i also understand why they are mad too. Their letter was short and it came in the mail without any background checks, so people might be a little skeptical about it. but if you bock out your mistrust and skepticism about companies, it's pretty clear that Credicorp is not misleading. I tried it because i needed the power to spend and i was tired of being rejected by other companies. I got the membership kit and it enables me to buy things that i would normally buy at chain stores or department stores. But it's different because with Credicorp, i don't have to be in debt after i buy them. I also got some discounts by being a member.
    it's hard to trust people over the internet, so i would do some REAl research on them by going to their website and getting information, if you are interested. Good luck!

    The reason why i'm so against the BBB is becasuse i've had a really bad experience with them. Since then, i've done some research on them too and found a lot of cases such as mine. I have no more trust in the BBB, their policies, and the way they rate companies. To make a long story short, i had purchased a TV through the recommendations of the BBB. well, it took longer than it should have been to be delivered. After weeks of calling around and being put on hold, and the BBB telling me to file a complaint, I finally received it. It doesn't end here. after a month, my bill came and the company actually had the nerve to over charge me. It took forever to get THIS ONE cleared up and in the process wasted uneccessary money on phone calls and postage. All the while, the BBB had no help to offer. And still, this jank computer company has a "satisfactory record with the Bureau" and "no complaints filed". thanks BBB. if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't even have ordered from this company and listed to a friend's recommendation instead. Now, when I go to the BBB's website it's to file complaints about them. I can but laugh at the reports about the quality of companies. Organizations such as the BB only helps people get ripped off and taken advantage of. i swear, they're all in it together. it was pretty stupid of me to have faith in the BBB when they were all about the money too.

    check out all the real life stories about the BBB at the fact that they are even listed at this website it disturbing.
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    PBM, well stated.

    I had friends buy a stereo from them in the early days, I think it may have been slightly cheaper than rent a center. No credit is better than being robbed.

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