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  1. melis

    melis Guest

    I got a pre-approved credit card application from creditcorp. I read the messages below, but couldn`t decide whether or not I should trust these people.
    I actually got other companies` card applications too. They all have a high credit limit( credicorp`s was the highest) and annual fee or a processing fee. Do these companies really give high limit credit cards or is it just a lie? I couldn`t see a name of the bank or a financial institution that Credicorp works with, so is it safe to get a credit card from such an institution? If not how can I know which ones are safe.
  2. bg

    bg Guest

    IN THE TRASH ASAP!!!!!!!!

    Credicorp is a catalog company, this is not a visa or mastercard, there is no bank or financial co. with which they work. They promise you a $10,000 credit limit, but you can only use it to buy junk out of their CATALOG. The junk is priced higher than you could get it elsewhere say Wal-Mart, Target,
    etc. You can not use this card any where else
    except credicorp. REMEMBER THROW IT AWAY!!!
  3. Alex - Cre

    Alex - Cre Guest

    This is NOT a real credit card


    I would advice you NOT to apply for this Credicorp deal, it is really NOT a credit card, it is simply a card that can only be used to purchase from THEIR catalog, they will also charge you HIGH interest on all your purchases, Cross Country Bank and Credicorp are 2 companies to stay away from.


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  4. melis

    melis Guest

    RE: This is NOT a real credit

    Thanks everybody, I threw it away.
  5. bg

    bg Guest

    RE: This is NOT a real credit

    melis, I'm so happy to here you threw it away, as I know Alex will be also. You did the rite thing trust us.
  6. JB

    JB Well-Known Member

    I received the similar $10,000 offer for a credit card with a limit of $10,000. I felt funny about the high limit a browsed the net. Thanks all you for the information on this to good to be true urgent mailgram. Persons appeal to our greed and we can get caught up. I am grateful you folks shared as I'm throwing the pre-approved mailgram in the trash.
  7. Doris K.

    Doris K. Well-Known Member

    RE: This is NOT a real credit

    Good going, girl! Not only is Credicorp a scam, the only thing you can use their card for is buying overpriced junk from their catalog. The same crap is available at affordable prices at your local Wal-Mart or Dollar General.

    I'm helping with a rummage sale for a Houston youth center this weekend, and we have all the Creditcorp-style crap you could ever want dirt CHEAP!

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