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  1. Teresa A.

    Teresa A. Guest

    Does anyone know anything about this company?
    I have been divorced for three years , have two kids and I am trying to get my credit back on track. I received an offer for "gold card membership with $10,000.00 limit valid exclusively toward all credit purchases from credit provider. ( Credicorp INC.) Does this mean I can only use this card to buy stuff from this one company ?? Also do you have any suggestions on getting back on track?
  2. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    The only way I have found to start getting your credit back on track, is pay whatever you owe and then write to the companies that are on your credit report as bad and ask them to remove the reports. I personally havent been able to do that yet because I am still paying the bills off, Just a few more to go. As for this Credicorp Inc I also got one of the letters accordning to Better buisness it does appear that you can only use the card through the catalog issued by the company, I am not sure how this would help build your credit back up , I am also in the debates of weither to do it or not. If anyone has any info on the company please email me. With subject Credicorp.. Thanks alot
  3. BOB

    BOB Guest

    TERESA, THROW THE CREDICORP APP. IN THE TRASH. This is a catalog company the gold card you receive is strictly for purchases
    out of their catalog. The prices in their
    catalog are inflated over what you can get themm for at your local stores. This is just a scam to prey on people who have no idea
    what there getting into. Again throw it away
  4. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    getting credit period makes you pay over what you would pay normally with cash thats why its credit you dont have the money right NOW to get what you want or even need so you use credit and get charged intrest and whatever other fees. Badcocks charges more for what you want and charges intrest, and so does most other credit lending companies. the intrest with this place is cheaper than my account with Fingerhut. I am not syaing this comapny is all that because I have not yet tried them. I did call them on the phone and they said they would send me a catalog but I would have to pay for it so why not just send the membership money and try it and it IS 60 day money back gaurantee. My credit isnt all that great right now and when you have credit like mine in order to get new pots pan and what not with out paying cash you have to pay more than you would in a department store. So FYI to everyone I will be sending in my membership money and I will let you all know an honest opinion of how it turns out or if I get my money back. Good Luck to all of you... Dar
  5. crisb

    crisb Guest

    My husband convinced me it was a good idea to send in that application and money, so I did, on 4/19/00, a few weeks alter, I got a postcard from CreditCorp saying my welcome package would arrive in 10-14 days.-Its 06/05/00 and still no welcome package, and after what I've read here, I'm ready to call and get my money back. Of course while cleaning up a last weekend, my husband accidentally threw away the paper work, so does anyone still have their 800 number?
  6. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    First off I'd like to comment again how is it possible that anybody could mistake this for a Visa or MC when in plainly legible type (alot larger than the documentation supplied by your typical 'legit' credit card company) it states second line right side


    What could be more clearer.

    Now as for Credicorp itself

    The good news is that they will report you to the CRA's and this IS considered a positive trade line.

    Last year on this board I asked that question to a mortgage broker who replied that yes, in her eyes Credicorp is a valid tradeline and will improve your credit score.

    Now here's the negative.

    Darlene, there you are with (cheap paper card) and catalog in hand, they have a web site too. And you think "hey these prices are no different than say Sears or Wards and the interest is cheaper looks like a good bet" until you read the fine print which comes with the rest of the documentation that you received with your card.

    You see while with any other department store whose catalog you've got, where you call them and place your order and if your credit is sufficient, whether it be for $25 or $2500 they ship it, pure and simple.

    Such is not the case with Credicorp and all these other two-bit 'catalog' companies which require you to 'cough up' up to 30% of the purchase price as a down payment.

    Hey if you had the cash in the first place you wouldn't need them right and considering that they charge easily 1/3 more than say Wal-Mart what the hell do you gain.

    About the only reason I could see with getting one of these useless 'catalog' accounts is if your credit is totally in the pits, you can't get anything even a secured card without a positive tradeline in the past 6 months, then this will suffice.
  7. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    I havent gotten my card yet or the paperwork, they charge 30 % down? That is weird... Welp my husband mailed the m.o and application out today so there is no turning back until I get the other paper work. Can you tell me what the web address is? Does it show the kind of stuff they have to buy? My husband and I did have good credit til about 1 year ago and then it went to the crapper and now well everything is caught back up to date and we do have one credit card with a low limit but because of the past they wont raise our limit. Now in reality I know that if you cant afford it right now you probably shouldnt get the credit to buy it, ya know the whole living beyond your means There are things that I want or even in some way need to improve my house. Are you sure about the whole 30% down thing? Man that will suck. Well anyway thanks to everyone for the advise and what not....Dar
  8. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    Are you sure about the whole 30% down thing?

    While I have never held the Credicorp documentation I have seen it from similar companies so I'm pretty damn sure.

    Anyways, I'll read you some of the terms of one called First PlusCard offered by the Continental Direct Services Inc. (CDS), getting out the magnifying glass :) and first off under their chart comparing them and general and department store cards


    The FirstPlus Card

    None ever with down payments up to ***30%*** included

    General Credit Card

    Varies from card to card up to 100%
    (this is a bald faced lie I've never known ANY credit card issuer to demand this)

    Department Store Card


    (my asteriks)

    Hmm, I see as you state you already have one good tradeline in the form of a sub-prime secured? card so no need for this but too late for that now so say goodbye to your $29.95.
  9. demondialr

    demondialr Guest

    according to the bbb in dallas they have been told to revise the offer since it is vague and slightly misleading this card is for only products ordered through their on catalog. which i cANT SEEM TO FIND ANYWHERE
  10. Darlene

    Darlene Guest

    when I called them about the catalog they said it has to come with the plan (membership) as I said in previous post we already sent the money so no turning back now and I will keep you all posted on whatelse may happen. If anyone has actually gotten a catalog from them please email me and let me know what type of stuff is in it and the round about prices. Thanks...
  11. Kat

    Kat Well-Known Member

    I have received about three of these offers in the past two years. I was always suspicious about it because my credit is not that good. HINT: If you cannot get a Visa or MC with or without a security deposit---why would a legitimate operation just give you $10,000.00 in credit?????? They probably won't. This is apparently a way to get people to send them $29.95. Someone is getting rich!!!! As far as an 800 # the only one that I see is a number to call to get yourself off of this type of mailing----I intend to use that one.

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