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  1. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    I have just determined, along with Jo, that by acquiring the AMEX card, one bill cycle later, we were sent the same exact CHASE PLAT offer for the same EXACT 2.99% intro.

    TEAM - we need to immediately get our experiences and memories on track and log
    all info of this type at a site for reference.
    BARRY, maybe creditmania can help.


    Dogman Card Succession:

    Chap 13 96/ Providian $500 1 month later
    led to Cap One offer 3 months later
    led to FCNB secured x months later
    then FCNB sent preapproved SPIEGEL
    then FCNB increased to 5K, unsecured
    then Providian led to $3200 limit
    Above led to AMEX Green Card.
    Amex led to CHASE @2.99
    CHASE led to XXXX

    If we get everyone to somehow remember what card offer sequence occured in their own credit history, we can all take one simple proven path to quickly rebuild back to AAA.
    MP shows exactly how she handled it and the results.

    If we get a random number of Board members
    to remember what card triggered what offer
    next, we can build a model to match and exceed Fair Isaacs requirements.

    ANOTHER EX 4 clarity:
    If you get an Orchard Bank Card,
    who sends the next offer, when.
    then who sends the next offer,when.
    then who gave the prime visa

    If we all put these types of sequences into one simple program - web accessible, we could easily crunch out some interesting mkt data.

    If would be a reachable conclusion that after crunching, maybe the following result could occur:

    After BK, or really bad credit:

    1. Get X Secured card - that'll get a dept card in 12 months
    2. Get X Unsecured Card - then you get a Gold in x months.
    3. Having X,X,and Gold, for 24 months total, you get preapproved AMEX.

    Ideas all?
    Will it work?
    Is it an internet application that we can make work?

    INPUT? I want, as a customer, to know that I will receive my Amex Platinum in May 2002
    because I followed our computer's collective advice. Frankly, there is no reason this database hasn't been created.

    As I customer, why shouldn't I have a guaranteed date I will receive X credit card in advance? I want to know that if I take X card option, it will result in an offer of 2.99 CHASE.

    We could start a simple biz selling these REVERSE DEMOGRAPHICS, back to the the same chain of credit card companies we processed in the first place.

    Interested in everyone's opinion?
    Think about this. We need this! It sets the entire credit rebuilding industry on its traditional ASS!
  2. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL


    I think this is a great idea! You definately have my attention! My eyes are wide open... >:cool:

    I need some time to absorb everything that you have talked about, do my research, and gather my thoughts on the topic. I'll respond later....
  3. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    I meant "WE'RE" abov

    I must be tired! ZZzzz.....
  4. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    kewl? needed?
    really screw Fair Isaacs?
    Fix everybody to perfect credit in 24 months no matter what?

    Think TEAM. Napster started like this.
    Think of your credit cards and OFFERS like a flow chart. What led to what?

    OK all! Respond!
  5. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    Sounds good to me! We'll do it together. I am developing my own site at, for those of us with "less than perfect credit". Look for it soon!

  6. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    kewl - already getting a site.
    TEAM I build internet and have some computer capability.

    Brainstorm further and further:

    A. Took x card and y card, then got offer for A and B.

    B, Took x card and z card , then got preapproved WORLD CARD, and offers for d,e,f cards.
  7. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    It will feature discussion boards, and most importantly "live chat with reps from the *approval departments* of the prime and sub-prime lenders*.
    How do you like them apples?

  8. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    getting better and better - nice mtg you chet
  9. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    thank you,
    I am also going to have reps from the CRA's (god help us!!), joining in on live chats! Look for all of this soon on! I can relate to everyone on the road to credit rebuilding. It happens to the best of us!

  10. Ron

    Ron Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    Ok here is my history since I filled chapter 7 BK.

    11/99 FCNB unsecured VISA $1000 APPLIED
    12/99 discharged chapter 7 BK
    12/99 FCNB secured MASTERCARD $7200 limit 5000 deposite APPLIED
    01/00 AUTO Loan for 20,000
    07/00 CAPITAL ONE secured MASTERCARD $500 limit $99 deposit APPLIED

    I have not recieved any pre-approved offers.

    So that is what i have done to re-build my credit
  11. Chet

    Chet Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    Your BK is still very fresh, it will take a while before you receive any *pre-approved* offers.
  12. dogman

    dogman Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    see- if we can compile all these factors, companies, months, we could plot exactly what strings to pull next from your current situation.

    But you should try AMEX for the Green.
    Again, if you can get it, they hit your credit report immediately. then different offers.

    Youre not in a bad spot.
    We just need to figure out which is the smart move next.
  13. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Here's my shot at it....

    O.k. well here goes nothing....
    I'm a newbie trying to be a credit analyst guru! :-D

    (from the cards and auto loans only)

    12/92 - Citibank Visa Secured ($300)sent in app. Not reported to CRA's
    5/93 - Macy's ($300) sent in app
    led to: 4/94 - American General ($9K) auto
    6/94 - Citibank denied unsecured status (1 30 day late)
    led to: 2/95 - Ford Motor Credit ($17k)auto
    led to: 4/95 - Target ($300)inst. credit
    6/95 - Citibank turns unsecured and reports entire history to CRA's
    led to: 1/96 - Montgomery Wards ($300)inst. credit
    10/96 - Ultramar Gas ($100)sent in app
    led to: 12/97 Bloomingdale's ($500)inst. credit
    led to: 2/98 - First Premier Visa ($250 due to bad credit?) internet app
    led to: 10/98 - Closed First Premier (though it was a joke)
    led to: 10/98 - First USA Platinum ($7k) internet app and did balance transfers
    12/99 - Closed First USA (due to poor cust. serivce) in hopes of obtaining Capital One Platinum and was denied due to sudden bad credit. Could not reopen First USA...eye for an eye I guess.
    led to: 6/00 - Providian Gold Secured w/ $49 ($300...what a joke!) 3 offers in the mail...finally took one. Had to start somewhere.
    led to: 6/00 - Am/Ex Corporate through my job (my credit was used in making the decision)
    led to: 8/00 - Am/Ex Secured Optima ($200)sent in app. Did not know that they didn't report until later. What a waste!
    led to: 8/00 - Am/Ex Gold (courtesy of my boyfriend phoning in) authorized user ($3k is most charged)
    led to: 9/00 - Washington Mutual Secured issued by the Associates ($300) mailed in app
    led to: 9/00 - Capital One Secured ($200) internet app

    How did I do? Don't asked what happed to all this credit...some went south do to hardship. A majority is good though. I didn't not include jewelry stores or stuff like personal loans and student loans. Alot of my bad credit was inaccurately reported student loans, collections (i.e. for bad checks that my ex wrote on our joint account).

    Any thoughts????
  14. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Forgot one...

    Also forgot the final thing...

    led to: 9/00 - Fireside Thrift ($22k) auto
  15. lisa

    lisa Guest

    Here's mine.....

    Okay-I'll try. Keep in mind my husband and I are both trying to repair our credit but I will just list mine right now.....

    college 1993-horrible credit. 3 credit card charge-offs and several collections.

    After graduation, dad cosigned on a car so from 1994 on I had car loan (13000) in good standing (I actually paid late a lot but it was always an R1-and still is-on my reports I guess b/c I only paid late within 30 days.

    1996-had a fire in apt. Had to break lease. This coll. account was put on credit report (too many details to list here) and is still on-scheduled to come off 1/03. I still have not paid it.

    In 1996 had other small collections added-utility accts.,medical collections, and 2 returned checks. By this point I had paid 2 of the credit card charge-offs (one of these, a dept. store reopened my acct. when I paid off). I still had not paid off the one card and most of the collections accts.

    In 1999 got a Providian card (500 limit), a Cap. One card (200) and then a Cross Country card (500). This was before I started reading these boards. Since then the Providian is up to 2000, the cap one only up to 300, and the Cross country 1000 (Once I pay off the Cross country I will close it).
    The credit card and collection accounts from college have all dropped off. I have paid the collections from 96 but they are still on the account. The only negative and UNPAID is the apartment from 96. This week I applied online for target and got approved (200). All of my credit accounts are in good standing.
  16. Larry

    Larry Guest

    RE: Here's mine

    I was not concerned on my credit history till no more than 2 yrs ago... I am still in the process of building a good credit, as we all are... only had one incident in which I was late on a payment..(120 days)... the good news is that it is due to fall off my CR(s)on 11/01.

    7/99 received pre-approved offer from Cap1
    7/99 applied to secured Cap1 visa $200 - accepted
    7/00 received a letter from the CreditCorp scam artists, and found this board in the process of verifying those crooks.. :)
    didn't take their bait
    7/00 applied for $1K online, instead was given an unsecured Cap1 visa $500 - accepted
    8/00 order a Sprint PCS wireless service - accepted
    8/00 applied for $1K online, instead was given an unsecured NextCard visa online $500 - accepted
    8/00 applied for a checking & savs acct at Citibank online - accepted
    9/00 received an increase of $150 on the
    secured visa from Cap1
    and this is where I stand.

    no loans, no mortgage.

    I have 3 visas... and at the moment I am considering getting an Amex and an MC for variety, but I haven't decided when and from who (it is likely it will be Citibank). Have 5 inquiries and waiting for one to fall off. I plan to keep the $350 Cap1 visa in the safe, so whoever sees my CR(s) can see and account open for a long time. I plan to unsecure it in 4 months. As a final message I just want to say this board is awsome, even tough I don't comment much I been reading this board since 7/00 faithfully... keep up the great advice.
  17. Reshod

    Reshod Well-Known Member

    Here's mine

    Ok, i guess it is my turn. i have been following this board since June 00 and the people on here are great. I really enjoy all the advice and tips that you provide for us common people with little knowledge of how credit works. Here is my story:

    06/95 Paid Collection (350)
    11/96 AAFESS Credit Card (Army)closed 09/00
    11/99 Auto Loan (15k)
    11/99 Cap1 MC $300 limit
    03/00 Refinance Auto (14k)
    06/00 USAA MC (1k) limit, now at (2.5k)
    07/00 Chevron Gas Card 400 limit
    07/00 New Car (20k)
    08/00 Maco Visa 750 limit w/ 9.5 APR (great card)
    08/00 Benefical Revolving 1500 limit
    08/00 Personal Loan (750)

    So what do you guys think? Am I on the right track? I have no other collections and no over 30 day lates. So what is my next step? The collection is not on my Equifax report, but i have to many inquiries on Equifax. I just applied for the Amex Student card, do they report to the CRA's?

    Thanks, any comments will be helpful.
  18. Reshod

    Reshod Well-Known Member

    RE: Here's mine

    sorry, also a Target Card
    04/00 200 limit

  19. Sorin

    Sorin Well-Known Member

    RE: CREDIT BOARD /Read This PL

    OK... my turn now:

    Started with virgin credit when I came
    into this contry last year.

    9/99 - Cap One secured $200 (applied myself)
    12/99 - Providian classic $500 (preapproved)
    1/99 - Assoc. classic $750 (preapproved)
    4/99 - Providian increases to $700
    5/99 - Citibank Platinum $1200 (invitation)
    5/99 - got a personal loan for $3000 (secured by a $3000 deposit)... just to speed things
    up a bit.
    7/99 - Providian increases to $1100
    7/99 - Discover Platinum $6000 (applied myself)
    8/99 - Closed Cap One
    8/99 - Associates increases to $1000

    What do you think of that?
  20. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    RE: Here's mine

    90 chargeoff on credit card and many tax liens
    92 car loan 9k at 22%
    94 cap1 secured $500
    94 orchard secured $600
    96 orchard unsecured $2200
    96 cap1 partially secured $1900
    96 providian partially secured 2500
    98 second orchard unsecured 300
    99 tax liens released
    99 second cap1 unsecured 300
    00 providian unsecured upgraded to gold $9k
    00 wal-mart 500
    00 first orchard cl to 4500
    00 second orchard upgraded to gold 1600
    00 shell oil card 200
    00 chevron oil 2000 (not a typo)
    00 cap1 accounts closed
    00 MBNA credit line 5K
    00 Citibank platinum MC 6K
    00 AT&T Universal 5K

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