credit card fraud.....accuastions!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LoFico, May 24, 2001.

  1. LoFico

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    Hi all, any advice here would be appreciated.

    My sister lives in NY and is a struggling student. She asked my grandmother on about two seperate occasions to use her Discover card for purchases (plane ticket and a phone bill). She was making small payments towards these debts.
    My uncle has power of attorney for granny. So when he and his wife were at granny's house going through bills, they came accross this statement with a NY phone bill from what I gather. They freaked out and called Discover to report my sister for using granny's card. Now my granny is 86 and getting a little clowdy in her memories. So they convinced her that she never gave my sister permission and called Discover to report this balance as fraud. Holy cow I thought. I have advised my sister to get a letter from granny stating she was authorized to bill these items on her card. Hopfully this will be enough evidence to prevent any sort of prosecution, if it gets that far.
    Now my uncle is a greedy rapscallion, and would burn anyone for a buck, I am quickly learning. I am curious to know if there is any recourse for my sister against him legaly, which would penalize him for making false accusations about her. Also, I wonder if reporting fraud when none has occured is something he could be punished for. Any thoughts or amo will be helpful. thanks all!

    GEORGE Well-Known Member


    She had permission to use it...he didn't have permission to yell FRAUD!!!

    Everybody may lose...LOSE~LOSE SITUATION, IF IT IS NOT DROPPED!!!
  3. NanaC

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    Geez, is there another influential person in the family who can step in and help calm this?
  4. Geo

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    NanaC: Who or what is Forsberg ... your inspiration(?)
  5. NanaC

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    Geo...Forsberg is Peter Forsberg who plays for the Colorado Avalanche. He is considered one of the greatest players. During one of the playoff games, he was hurt and had to have his spleen removed. There was lots of talk that the team would not recover from his loss. Apparently, this was not the situation since we are entering the finals of the Stanley Cup on Saturday.

    And, he has these beeeeeeeeeautiful eyes!
  6. freeze

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    In most cases the charges would have to be filed by your Grandma but where you uncle has POA that could change things. Generally, a POA is still limited. I doubt that anything would come of this if they find it is not fraud except that they will still have to pay the charges. What is the amount of charges we are talking about??

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