Credit card not being reported

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Angela, Jan 1, 2001.

  1. Angela

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    My credit union mastercard is showing up on my Experian and Equifax report. But not on Trans Union.

    Should I speak to the credit union or Trans Union about it? Who should I speak to and what should I say. I have always paid on time with this mastercard. I have had the card 1 year.
  2. Momof3

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    RE: Credit card not being repo

    I would speak directly to your credit union and ask why they are not reporting to TU?? TU really can't help you with this. I have known some banks not to report to all three, unless of course you are late then BAM they report! But yes talk to your credit union and find out why they report to 2 but not all 3.

  3. Angela

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    Thanks Momof3. Can you answer

    Just incase the credit union screws up and won't report it. What would happen if I mailed a dispute letter to TU with a copy of my latest bill and asked them to add it to my credit file?
  4. Momof3

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    RE: Thanks Momof3. Can you ans

    I am not sure about that myself. I have read about people having accounts manually inserted, but I have never done this myself so i don't know. But I would of course try your credit union first and see what they say. Maybe others could help you with this.
  5. newcomer 2

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    RE: Thanks Momof3. Can you ans

    I've added a credit card manually b4 , but it is pointless. since they will not be updating the account. I had it removed . Your credit union is your best bet.
    good luck and happy new year
  6. Saar

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    RE: Thanks Momof3. Can you ans

    The FCRA provides that you can dispute information on your credit report. But there's no such thing as "disputing" (in the sense of FCRA) information that ISN'T there.

    Having said that, there were cases where CRA's voluntarily added entries to people's credit files.


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