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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by newton wei, Jun 30, 2000.

  1. newton wei

    newton wei Guest

    What sources are available to insure the loss
    of your credit cards?
  2. creditwork

    creditwork Well-Known Member

    All cards are insured. You are liable for $50. Just make sure to report the card as lost or stolen. Don't pay for credit insurance or credit card protection. You can do the job yourself. Keep a record of all your credit card numbers and contact information. I have it in Quicken.
  3. JP

    JP Guest

    I concur, this is good advice. Credit protection and insurance are one of the biggest ripoffs in the industry. Companies make hundreds of millions of dollars each year on this. I use MS Money to track all of my accounts. I've used it for 10 years without any problems.

  4. Mike

    Mike Well-Known Member

    I agree ! They seem to really be pushing that these days. But if you have a record of your account numbers, expiration dates , and the banks number, thats all you need. Your cards are already covered, why pay twice ? I use quicken, use what ever method works best for you. I wouldn't invest in the extra insurance.

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