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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Searching, Aug 25, 2000.

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    We changed from credit cards that gave us flyer points (we never flew) and reward points (didn't want or need the kinds of merchandise they offered) to a card that gave us certificates for free books, which we delighted in. However, we have moved to a remote area and it is no longer convenient for us to drive to Waldon's Book Store. Additionally, at this time in our lives, we think we would prefer cash or other useful "rewards" for using our credit card. Would those of you who are pleased with your credit card company's "reward system" please list your credit card company, their rewards, and how they can be contacted to apply for a card? Thanks! Signed:"Searching"
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    While researching the answers to my own previously posted question, I ran across the following URL that lists some reward-type credit cards. (The one through Waldon Book Stores was not listed but can be obtained at Waldon's).
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    Here, try this site
    its got more selections than any other credit site I've been on. Its even got a little message board (monitored) for those who were searching for another one, though like most of the rest there are precious few posts.

    BTW, I looked at that url you provided and while limited it is the 'first place' I have seen advertising NextCard where they ADMIT that you require "good credit history".
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    I get rewards from all my cards. I simply invest my credit by purchasing memberships from CreditWorks. As long as the interest rate is lower than the 19.47% APR I get from CreditWorks, I make money.

    Profit from the experience.
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    For an annual cash rebate, try Discover.

    CardReport.Com - Credit Tools, News, And Reference
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    Don't stop flying!!

    Even though you do not fly much more, why give up your frequent flyer cards? That is a reason to fly again--and for free!!! I find it interesting that people say "well, I don't fly so I don't need a frequent flyer card." Actually, those who don't fly need a card like that so that they can fly and for free!! That is the point a frequent flyer credit card--to earn miles for everday spending without having to earn them by flying. Just something to consider.
    Try the AMEX cash rebate card with no annual fee and up to 2% back (1.5% if you never carry a balance); with some nice benefits as well--like protection for your purchases (which Discover does not offer). visit

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