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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Be-Be, Jun 29, 2000.

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    I think that it is criminal to constantly send credit card offers to high school seniors and college students who have minimum wage jobs. It would be one thing if the credit limit was a minimum of 50 - 100 and only increase once the student has graduated and is working full time and can afford to make monthly payments. You people set them up for failure before they even get started. These are young people who are enticed into thinking that they can establish themselves with credit when in effect you are destroying their credibility before they can even make a name for themselves. You know how important a person's credit history is. Why would you want to ruin the lives of innocent, naive, kids? My daughter has been getting these notices since she graduated from high school. What does a high school student need with a credit card? Come on. Let's use some common sense here. You set people up for failure and then you persecute them daily to get your money back. I think the government needs to do something about you peoople to stop you from destroying lives. Students are getting into so much debt and then not being able to pay, they turn to their parents who also share the burden of paying for a college education. I've known students to commit suicide because of depression, not knowing how to tell their parents what they had done. I hope you feel very proud of yourselves because you have their blood on your hands.
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    RE: Credit cards offered to co

    Excuse me, but this is a message board to discuss credit cards, credit repair, and general credit issues. "We", the people who post on this board, do not push credit cards on anyone, and in fact, alot of the people who post on this board have trouble getting credit cards for any number of reasons.

    Your assertion that the people that post on this board are somehow responsible for young people committing suicide because of irresponsibly running up large debts is both specious and offensive.

    Your "blood on your hands" metaphor, while certainly powerful and emotion-packed, is completely inappropriate and misguided to apply to people who post on this board.

    If you have some disagreement with credit card issuers, why not take it up with them directly? After all, they are the ones who dole out the credit cards, not those of us who use this message board.
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    Yes I can understand your concern very well. But it is not this boards fault but rather that of the finacial institutions who send these offers to these young people. The vast majority of high school kids have no idea of the responsibilities that go along with credit , and it would create alot of added trouble on their parents if they misused them. There are certain occasions where it may be appropriate, and if the parent monitored usage and allocated payment. But this would be extraordinary circumstances. It would be wonderful if they taught these teenagers about credit in high school, and reinforced how important good credit is. Perhaps someday... In the meantime we have to intervine. Perhaps a call to those banks who continue soliciting would put an end to the offers, at least on your end. Betty

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