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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by where can, Mar 24, 2000.

  1. where can

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    a credit card for a first timer (eighteen years old) that is unsecured and has a limit about 1000 . thanks

    im not rebuilding bad credit or any bs like that.
    i have over 5000+ in the bank
    I just need to make a few purchases online with a credit card and i dont want to make another account with a secured card what a pain in the ass

    my income is about 9000 a year and the total house hold is 100,000+ so please where can i find a card
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    Find our list of Student Credit Cards at:

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  3. portercm

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    Try Nextcard( or Bankfirst Action card( they can help you.
  4. J. Edgar

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    If you have money in the bank and are intending to pay the credit card in full every month, why not consider a Visa or MasterCard branded debit card? They are valid anywhere that Visa and MasterCard are accepted, including for on-line shopping.

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