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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by creditfree, May 13, 2001.

  1. creditfree

    creditfree Well-Known Member

    I have many charge off accounts, most with last activity dated '92-'94. Should I work to pay these off, or let them go as I have done. I'm not proud of it, believe me, living with a huge black cloud over my head has not been easy. I want to clean up my credit, but I'm not sure with these items as old as they are what my first step would be.
    Some cc companies no longer contact me, but I do get letters from collection agencies, but if these are from '92-'94, should I work with them to pay it off?? Should I use Lizardkings letter?? I'm not disputing the fact they are my debts, I was just unable to pay them, therefore I'm in the mess I've been in for almost a decade.
    Any help is very appreciated!!

  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you are so close to getting most of the items removed from your credit report b/c the 7 year reporting time is near over.

    How many accounts are past the '94 last activity date. Remember the negative info can only stay 7 years past the charge off date, not necessarily last activity so some may be coming off even sooner.

    You have done your 7 years just as the law says, so dont feel guility about anything. What is the Sol of your state? Dont worry about paying a debt that the law protects you from having to pay.

    Can you answer those questions for us. But based on what you have said so far, your situation is looking up and so should you.
  3. creditfree

    creditfree Well-Known Member


    Thanks so much for the better outlook than I have had and your help!!!

    I have always been aware of the 7 year rule, but I'm not sure what the SOL is for Michigan when I had the credit nor do I know what it is for Florida, which is where I reside now.
    It seems that the collection agencies don't care what date anything happened because I'm still receiving 'settle for 50%' for the two Citibank accounts I mentioned in my first post.

    I have nothing past '94 as last activity, where would I find out when the date of charge off is? I have a rather old TRW report and I had one done online at Equifax last year, but I don't think I had that printed out.

    It seems that my credit still stinks, I'm afraid to check it, unless that doesn't count against me, but I thought I would make sure first.

    I'm grateful for any help you can provide.

    One other thing, I got a Sprint mobile in March, they run your credit on the spot, I of course was so nervous and even mentioned that it may look horrible. To my suprise the rep told me that I got a great score and could have up to 4 accounts. So where are they getting their credit information??

    If nothing is past '94, what do you suggest I do with these collection companies??
  4. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    If I where you,

    I would use the validation letter. If you have no success....

    Settle on each one for the lowest most 60% if you can.

    Then dispute, dispute, dispute until they are deleted off your credit files.

  5. jzilla

    jzilla Well-Known Member

    The first thing I would suggest is pull all three of your credit reports to see where you really stand. If these items are gone or close to being gone, let them go. Then send cease and desist letters to the collectors. Like Roni said, you've done your 7 years. Time to start rebuilding. :)
  6. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    I absolutely agree with Roni and Jill. If these accounts are at the 7 year mark or very close to it, do NOT even consider contacting them to settle for the least amount as was suggested. There is no reason to do this, unless your conscience is telling you to. At 7 years or just prior to 7 years, these accounts should fall off your reports. Get all 3 reports as was suggested. If these items are at the 7 year mark, dispute them as being to old to be reported. Good luck.
  7. creditfree

    creditfree Well-Known Member

    Will getting my reports from the big 3 count against me?
  8. Cadillac408

    Cadillac408 Well-Known Member

    Won't count against you...

    Getting your own credit report doesn't count against you.
  9. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    If I understand your question, the answer is no. You are entitled to obtain your reports, afterall, it is YOUR record. Depending on where you live, you may be able to get your reports free. Or, if you've been denied credit in the last 60 days, you can get a free report. If not, equifax and experian you can get online and view it online. I think Transunion you can order online, but they mail it to you.
  10. creditfree

    creditfree Well-Known Member

    What shall I do to begin re-building? Any suggestions?

    I do have one more current problem from a 'gym membership', actually its for a martial arts studio. The owner never explained that I was bound to a 16-month contract, had me sign a paper with an agreement to 'pay to him $69', he never once mentioned that the monies were handled through a collection agency. Once I received a coupon book, I asked him about it, he played the 'my english is not so good, maybe you misunderstood me' card.
    What can I do to eliminate this problem? I was going to send LizardKings letter, but they have sent me a letter stating that I have not disputed any charges therefore they are trying to collect the debt.
    I don't want to pay, I only went to the class for 2 months until I realized this guy tricked me into this bad deal. I was going to take this to a news consumer lawyer, but decided against it.
    Any ideas on how to handle this one?

    All of you are so helpful, I really really appreciate it!!!
  11. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    For heaven's sake NO, Creditfree.

    Get your reports. Every consumer has that right. You must become a pro at analyzing your reports and correct the errors.

    That is positive that you got the sprint accounts on the spot. But you seem to be confortable about not knowing. You should not be ashamed of your credit. You should be proud that you lived thru the 7 years w/o any more mistakes. You deserve credit now and great rates. And there are many lenders just waiting to give it to you.

    Get all three report and it wont hurt you in any way.

    Pull you credit report and score online at <> If you like cost $12.95

    Hire someone like <> to dispute the outdated items or do it yourself.

    you are one lucky dude. Good luck.

    Dont pay a dime, like I did your time.
  12. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

    Why on earth would you offer to settle on debts that are 7 years old, ready to fall off the reports if they haven't already and is past the SOL?
  13. creditfree

    creditfree Well-Known Member

    So I was going to send a mini-Lizardking letter:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This letter is being sent to you in response to your attached letter. This is not a refusal to pay, but a notice that your claim is disputed.

    This is a request for validation made pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

    Please be advised that I am not requesting a "verification" that you have my mailing address, I am requesting a "validation"; that is, competent evidence that I have some contractual obligation to pay you.

    Is this appropriate, or should I send something different?
  14. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest


    I totally forgot about the statue of limitations for charge offs. If time is up, make sure they get deleted off your reports.

    Next time, attack things as soon as they happen. Negative information on your file DOES NOT have to effect you for the period of time its suppose to (meaning the 7 year wait)

    A mistake can be corrected, and its only a mistake if you learn from it and work to not letting it happen again.

    I cant begin to understand what you would have went through in the time period those account where reported. I know my 1 year without credit was like hell!

    If I where you, once the accounts fall of. First get one secured card, capital one give you a 500 credit line with a 99 dollar deposit (mastercard)

    Then work on disputing other items, if there is any, that are negative.

  15. PSUgirl

    PSUgirl Guest

    Here is a letter I would send to the CRA's to make sure the items are removed:


    Name of bureau
    address of bureau
    city, state, zip

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have received my current credit report and I need to breing to your attention several entries that are outdated.

    Since these are more than seven years old and exceed the statutory time period under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they must be removed. Please send my updated/revised credit report to me after these have been deleted

    Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.



    Your name
    social security number
    date of birth

  16. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Don't send that!!!

    get your reports. If it has been 7 years fill out the form that comes with your report. Use out of date as your reason for disputing. that is all you need to do for now.

    Jeepers!! that letter is not the solution to everything!! Use your own brain!!

  17. roni

    roni Well-Known Member


    That letter works for some people. But from what you have told us so far...chances are you dont have to pay these debts as the SOL has probably expired. You should just ignore the letters. The collectors know if they can win a legal battle or not. They are hoping you will pay.

    Settle? No way. That would be voluntarily paying. Have you suddenly gotten rich. That would not be an option for me. Off reports....out of mind.

    I made some suggestions for you to start rebuilding..Everyone focused on you getting your credit reports and start getting things off so you can up your score and move on.

    Your focus seems to be on the collectors. IF that is your primary concern...check out the Sol for michigan and Florida and put your mind at ease.

    Cease and Desist letter is what you need. Why verify a debt. That is used to get out of paying. You dont have to weasel out of paying. The SOL protects you if they sue.

  18. LKH

    LKH Well-Known Member

  19. creditfree

    creditfree Well-Known Member

    Hi Roni-

    No, actually after hearing what you have to say I feel a lot better.

    Fear is what has kept me from doing anything, I tried the CCCC, but the payment plan they figured was outrageous. So I've spent the last 7 years collecting all the 'mail' and throwing into a shoebox since I was unable to pay the debt.

    Certainly I haven't gotten rich overnight, nor do I want to pay these credit hounds if I don't have to, but when the letters to pay keep coming, I just really wondered what my solution to this extremely old out of date debt was. The stress mounts and I can't tell you what it has done to me. Riding out the 7 years hasn't been easy, but I have managed.

    I will definitely get my credit reports, then I'll know better where I stand.

    Cease and Desist letter? Any formats you can provide?

    You have offered so much help and made me realize there is finally light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks to all of you with your help and suggestions!!!
  20. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    i dont have a cease and desist letter anymore. I saved one from the old board but know I cant pull it up from the favorites list.

    I hope someone else can post a nice cease and desist letter for you. I will search though. I hope someone will beat me to it.

    I lived over 7 years without credit b/c I just didnt know better. I dodged letters too. I always said I would pay when I finished school and started working. I found boards like this though and found better ways to get credit healthy.

    Good luck!

    Will Someone Post a Cease and Desist letter for our new friend???

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