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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by RoRO, Jan 11, 2001.

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    I recently disputed negative credit listed on my report. I have not received a response from any creditors listed(except one who agreed to a correction). Would it be better if I submitted copies of these letters (and the ones returned undeliverable) to the credit bureaus myself as a way of expediting the process of clearing up the derogs? Or do I write a letter and let them start the investigation themselves? I dont want to do more harm than good. Thanks in advance!
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    You need to invest in a credit repair book. IF you had done that, you would know your next step.

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    >> Or do I write a letter and let them start the investigation themselves?

    Yes, just mention that you have not received any reply to your inquiry from the creditors. About the creditor who did agree to correct the mistake, do NOT dispute that item with the CRAs, it should go away if the creditor does what they promised. Check if it really goes away.
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    Eugene -- Thanks for your help. Is it recommended I send all the creditor letters to the bureau at once or is it true that i must wait 90 days between each dispute? I want this cleared up quickly but i dont want to get "blown off" by the bureaus.

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