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  1. Patricia W

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    Hi, I received a letter in the mail stating that I am pre-approved for a " New gold card." And there was no information with it so I have no ideal what's going on. All I know is that it is from Creditcorp, Inc. But yet they want a $29.95 for membership fees, and they will send me the rest of the info. I need a little more information than what they are providing. Can you help me????
  2. J. Edgar

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    Throw it out. There are many posts on this site about this scam. Use the search feature to find more.
  3. Alex - Cre

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    It's not a real credit card, you can only use it to buy from their catalog of expensive stuff, save your money and shred the letter.


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  4. arnold val

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    i just read the bbb ( beter buisness buerow report on the mater. they said it was a scam. the pre approved card only goes towards credicorps catalog. nothing else, nothing more. you cant use it to run down to the store, you cant use it to pay bills, you cant use it if your on the side of the road and need a new tire, you can only use it with their catalog. of coarse you cant see the catalog unless you get the card. hmm. you tell me. check with the bbb and the will tell you . the post master can tell you yo
  5. Don Crain

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    I wish I had found this site first, I got one of those letters. I thought I would give them a try. And if I wasn't happy I would cancle and get my money back. Well I'm not happy, so I'm going to try to get my money back. I'll let you all know how I make out. The way things look I may need alot of luck.I went to their site here is their phone number: (214)915-7200

    Don C.
  6. Ned

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    I received the same offer today from CrediCorp, Inc. The first thing I noticed was the following language: "...with a $10,000.00 credit limit valid exclusively toward all credit purchases from credit provider." The key words are "purchases from credit provider." This is like a department store credit card whereby you can only use it to purchase items from that particular department store. Why would anyone pay $29.95 for credit to purchase items that are not even disclosed? They may have good products at reasonable prices, however, I feel their intent is to be deceptive even though the wording on the statement IS VERY CLEAR TO ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY READS IT. They have even set this phrase out in CAPTIAL letters so that it stands out from the rest of the type. When in doubt, read the small print (and THE LARGE PRINT!) I do not agree with the practice of this type of marketing, however, I chuckle to think that people send their money in without even reading what it is they are purchasing. If President Clinton has taught us anything (along with Rush Limbaugh of course), it is that words actually mean something.
  7. Steven Z

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    RE: Read the #%!#@$#$ LARGE pr

    When you look right at it. Its a simple mailgram with ALL the type in CAPITALS. Very simple to read in striking contrast to many other catalog or credit card solicitation.

    You say you "chuckle to think that people send their money in without even reading what it is they are purchasing", what then if some of these same individuals come on sites such as these and whine and moan that they were cheated "boo hoo I didn't know"...they do everyday...

    Read the large print? Hell, its unlikely most of these suckers ever went beyond signing their name and sending in their payment.

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