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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Owen Taylo, Aug 12, 2000.

  1. Owen Taylo

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    Is there anyway to keep the three credit bureaus from releasing name and address information without your permission? My wife's ex-husband has harrassed us for almost three years. We don't have enough hard evidence to take him to court, however, each time we move, he locates us by the credit header in our credit files.
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    After November 2000, The CRAs will no longer be able to release credit headers without a permissible purpose.

    In the meantime, hide from the CRAs by opening a PO Box in another town or PMB at Mail Boxes Etc, and switch all of your credit card bills and other mail there. Then Order your credit reports from the bureaus and then dispute your correct address, leaving only the PO Box and an old address on your file. This is how I've prevent my ex-wife from locating me as well. I've changed jobs and moved since I've 'sanitized' my credit file and I'm sure she's in a hysterical panic trying to find out where I went, judging from the number of times she's called my ex-employer and others trying to pump them for information.
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    For those who don't recognize the term, a credit header is the identification information from a credit report, consisting of the name(s), SSN, date of birth, and address(es.) Credit headers have frequently been used by collectors and private investigators looking for current addresses.

    There has recently been a major effort by Trans Union to cut off all "reseller" type access because of the inability to control or know who the end user is (e.g. some stalker employing a sleazy P.I.) T-U apparantly made this decision a couple of years ago, but are only just now getting around to enforcing it.

    The other bureau's will follow, and nosy, ego-bloated private investigators, stalkers, and identity thieves everywhere will whine about how terribly they have been victimized.

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