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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by eileen623, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. eileen623

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    I have had a tough time as of late re establishing my credit. I have like five of the subprime cards, never missed payments, though I have gone over limit at least once on all of them in the two and a half years they've been in my possession. Unfortunately for me, I have two things against me--a judgement from 1994 which falls off in October, and a returned check, which I paid less a dollar which the stupid collection agency refuses to take off my credit report even though I paid it a year ago. I even sent them dthe amn dollar and they returned the check to me, uncashed, stating that they could not accept the payment because I had already paid it, yet, a year later, it still looms there and all I get is denied, denied, denied. My modest income of approx 52k doesn't seem to factor into the decision. Each day, I get these pre approved offers and if I'm stupid enough, I'll isten to their lingo and just before they submit, I'll decline. I know I have whined and asked this question a thousand times, but is there any help for this? My score was something like a 630 or around there and I am doing my best, paying large payments, sometimes even double payments and it doesn't seem to be helping. Not only that, since I paid that returned check to the supermarket, I think I have a file with check systems because now I always have to go to customer service for check approval. Any advice is welcome.
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    I think I passed you on the other side of the credit hellhole! Rebuilding is such a slow process. I too receive the preapproved offers almost every day and I cant believe how many times I actually read the offers instead of simply throwing them away. All are for sub prime super sub prime up to a 1000 credit limit, acceptance fee 99.00, additional user 75.00, application processing fee 25.00, annual fee 99.00, program fee 6.00 per month, the mr. president needs a new bentley fee 10.00 a month...all those sorts of things! The kind of cards where if you accept you have to spend the first year of having the card paying off all the damn fees! Some I have actually considered when I was really desparate....but now I have my goals in place and time is the only way to get there. I am going to keep my three store cards, my crappy aria with 23.99 interest and 1000 limit and my capone i have had for 18 months with only a 400 limit!

    Hopefully, Lexington does a good job this round though! Have you tried do it yourself credit repair? Or Lexington or Junum for some credit help?
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    Mr President Needs a new Bentley..

    nice touch about this "fee." I am sure staff needs the BMWs and Benzs

    double-clutching as I type - dogman

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    Re: Mr President Needs a new Bentley..

    my crappy aria with 23.99 interest

  5. bbauer

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    Well, I think I may have an answer for you. Only problem is that I have not yet done all the research necessary to know how good that answer is and it will most likely take at least two weeks before I can really get it all done.

    You might email me, and I'll let you know if and when I do get an answer you can rely on.
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    Re: Mr President Needs a new Bentley..

    Gotta love the credit cards....they are always changing up like that
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    Re: Mr President Needs a new Bentley..


    I am so understanding, but you still have it better than some of us. I hope things get better soon. Nevertheless, California has high taxes. Money goes quickly there!

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