Credit inquiry Damage!!

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jim, Jun 22, 2001.

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  1. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member

    Today, I have had endless fun with my new membership in EX "creditexpert".

    The short ans sweet of it is this...

    With the help of the board, I have good credit however...

    Twelve Inquiries over 2 years is a credit killer. Without 12 inquiries my score would move from mid to high 600's up to mid 700's.

    Today, the J.C. Penneys preapproved offer went to the paper shredder. I have enough credit.

    I nevr did find the "dispute" button on "creditexpert" but Monday is another day.
  2. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Since I have at least 32 of them within the last 2 years, I must not have any FICO at all.

    I know that isn't true, but if 12 is a killer, I must be dead meat for sure.

    I really couldn't care less what my fico is.
    Anyway, I just got a cell phone approval with no down which I could not get before, so it must not be hurting me too badly
  3. Jim

    Jim Well-Known Member


    "creditexpert" is certainly not the last word in credit authority. Indeed, I expect a variety of responses since "creditexpert" is new.

    However, 32 inquiries from a man selling credit advice leaves me speechless.

    Perhaps, you are thinking out loud as I sometimes do and do not want or expect a reply.

  4. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    No, we all have to learn somehow, sometime.

    I will never stop learning, since the day one stops learning is the day one starts to die. I'm only 71 and I don't figure on starting anytime soon.

    And I think that capitalizing on what one has learned is hardly a hanging offense. What do you think?

    Don't we all do that one way or another?

    After all, what is the single most valuable item in our economy today? Information, that's what. More money is spent on procuring information than almost any other item today.
    And what is information if it is not what one has learned either from books or from personal experience?

    And what one knows is only comparative with what someone else knows. Therefore, if I happen to know more about a given subject than someone else, why is it unreasonable to sell what one knows/has experience with to someone who does not know or have experience with?

    Think about it. Tell me what you think.
  5. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

    bill check out this link!

    This message has been deleted. thought bill was original poster. Was Jim.
  6. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

  7. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Re: bill check out this link!

    Checked it out.
    None of the links do anything.
    Other than that, ????????
  8. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

    Re: bill check out this link!

    Did you see the screen captures? I am just showing Jim where the dispute button is, if you scroll down a little you should notice where it is.

    Seems that the dispute option is only available during business hours . lol.

    Just trying to give them a visual of what to look for.

    And don't tell me you actually tried to click on my screen captures links. lol.

    And like I said, I thought that you where the original poster, but I then double checked and found out that jim was the one.

    the link I posted was actually meant for Jim, sorry for the confusion bill.
  9. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Re: bill check out this link!

    Well, that site looked real interesting, and lots of folks are likely to be very interested too.

    I didn't notice how many views your post has had, but I'd be willing to bet I wasn't the only one who clicked in on the conversation, and I'll bet I'm not going to be the last.

    And I'll bet I'm not the only one clicked on the link to see what the heck was so interesting.

    Hey, no need for you to feel sorry. I was the one that took it hook, line and sinker, not you.
  10. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

    Lets just agree to disagree, bill

    Jim wonders where the dispute button is I tell him. By mistake I send that message to you. I deleted it, I said I was sorry.

    So please don't get so touchy.
  11. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Re: Lets just agree to disagree, bill

    Excuse me, please!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't mean to seem to be touchy.

    My intention was to tell you that I didn't blame you or feel hurt because I made the mistake.

    I took no offense and I meant no offense
  12. leo728

    leo728 Well-Known Member

    Re: Lets just agree to disagree, bill

  13. bbauer

    bbauer Banned

    Re: Lets just agree to disagree, bill

    No problem
    have a nice day
  14. breeze

    breeze Well-Known Member

    Re: Lets just agree to disagree, bill

    Thanks leo! That is great!

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