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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jonesing, Jun 20, 2001.

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    So first I have to send in copies of bills/statements etc showing my address to Credit Expert for verification. Until then, I couldn't access my account online. Well I got access today and pull up my Experian report....hmmmm, odd, there's only 3 accounts listed! Called the Credit Expert people and I hear very basic excuses:
    CE: Not all creditors report to Experian
    me: Uh, no, they were on my report from March 2001
    CE: It might be time for them to drop off, accounts only stay on your report for 7 years you old were they?
    me: Uh, no, these are open and active accounts.

    At this point she gives up and transfers me to Experian NCAC in Texas NOT the local bureau in NJ (they are pretty much useless because they want everything to be done by mail).

    The Experian rep comes on and gets my info and then is puzzled because I'm on the East Coast. She checked with her supervisor and found out that she could indeed access my report (normally they refer East Coast people to the "outer bureaus")--but they could only look for one more day. So I told her my problem. During the course of our conversation, she learns that I'm a Jr and Sr is still alive. aha! She senses that I must have a "mixed file" and rather than deleting the variant SSNs and odd addresses, she said she would let me talk to the Special Services dept (about 100 people) who do nothing but handle mixed files.

    I was on hold for a good 20 minutes and then ran into a big road block. The Special Services lady INSISTED there was no way that she could access my report and that I had not talked to anyone at Experian in TX because they were contractualy prohibited from looking at East Coast reports. I corrected her and said the previous rep could look at my report because I got it via Credit Manager. "Who is the credit manager?" she asked. *blink* "It's your new online service from, don't you know that?" I jibe back. She goes and checks with a super and comes back saying again, there's no way she could do anything. I tried calling the CBA people in NJ but they were closed. As a last resort, I called Experian TX back again and "out of 300 poeple in the room" I get the frist lady back! LOL She offered to let me talk to one of her buddies who would fix things for me but he had already left for the day.

    So, IF this is supposed to by my report as Experian has it, what happens if I were to apply for a card, say Diners Club? They pull Experian and only see these 3 accounts? They get my file and my dad's if they are indeed crosslinked? (None of his accounts are on my report).

    I'm dreading talking to the regional bureau because they aren't nearly as responsive as Experian TX. At least I haven't paid for anything yet!
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    You know, something very strange is happening over at Experian. I had my report from March 2001..everything looked fine. When I pulled it after the credit expert thing, it was all weird. Somehow, my GE capital mortgage dropped off. They had me making mortgage payments to the very first company that ever had my loan. The girl on the phone said, "you don't pay Wells Fargo?". I told her no, I PAID GE but haven't since I sold the condo over 3 years ago. It was on the report in March and now in may it's gone??????? I even disputed it in March and they fixed the trade line to show a sold account/ paid. I have the sheet they sent that showed the results of the dispute.

    I am almost ready to just order a written copy again just to see what it looks like now. I also have 2 entrys that showed up from Discover. I have never had a Discover. They are both closed...paid in full and never they are positive trade lines. But one says reported since 1998...transferred or sold... then the next one says closed. They both supposedly had $1000 credit limits. Now, not to sound braggy, that's not the intention. I have excellant credit..and lots of it. I don't HAVE CARDS FOR ONLY $1000. All my cards are $5000 or more. I have a Sears, but that's still listed.

    The rep told me that she could re-insert the GRCapitol listing. I am not too worried about it since it shows on the other 2 reports and mortgages pull a combined report so it will show. Also the Discover are positive.......


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