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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by roni, Nov 18, 2000.

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    I have an assistant at work who has bad credit. She says that her relatives used her ss# when she was a teen and got utilities and other credit items in her name. She called Experian and they told her she couldnot take it off. She had to prove it wasnot her etc. So since they were very rude she gave up. I told her she could get this off. What is her next step. I told her to send a copy of her birth certificate and demand it come off.

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    You gave her the right advice, I had a friend in the same situation with a credit card, a relative opened a credit card account in her name when she was only 15, they never paid the card and it got charged off, well when she was an adult and started to try to build her credit everyone denied her for this reason. What she did was call the credit card company and she sent 2 copies of her ID's and a birth certificate, they took it off, your friend should be able to do the same. Good luck, They'll probably still give her a hard time but that is what they're trained to do, tell her not to give up.

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    Thank you.


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