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    You all have probably already seen this all over the internet but, be forewarned about it nonetheless. Any number you provide to creditor which isn't your social security number (notwithstanding business apps which ask for EIN's) can get you in trouble if you default. Technically, just supplying a false number is deception and subterfuge but, without damages; ergo, default, it probably isn't outright credit fraud.

    In any event and cutting to the chase, these "numbers" are illegal. These companies state that the 1974 Social Security Number Privacy Act allows you to avoid giving out your ssn number. That provision was never enacted. Moreover, the Act certainly doesn't allow you to provide a number that will lead to a false report. All these companies do is charge you for taking your name and an address you've never lived at and having someone pull your credit (usually Advantage Credit). When that happens the credit reporting agencies assign a number to the file and there you go.

    In short, it is file segregation for any CSO. For a consumer, it could lead to criminal implications.

    Don't do it.

    There are ways to fix your credit legally through the FCRA, FDCPA, FCBA, state laws, and if need be, litigation. You can do it yourself or hire a reputable CSO or law firm if you don't have the time. However, a CPN is not the answer. Your credit wasn't destroyed overnight and can't be fixed overnight.

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