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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Don Beck, Apr 14, 2000.

  1. Don Beck

    Don Beck Guest

    I'm trying to find a current list of my active credit cards. Can you head me in the right direction?

    Don Beck
  2. Kristy Wel

    Kristy Wel Guest

    I would just pull your credit report. This would at least be a good starting point.
  3. J. Edgar

    J. Edgar Well-Known Member

    I think that if you need assistance in compiling a list of your active credit cards then you have too many credit cards. Do you know where they all are? If some of them are missing, someone could be using them without your knowledge. I would suggest keeping them all in a safe place so that you know exactly where they are.
  4. JP

    JP Guest

    Not to bash you or anything, but its a scary thought that you don't know what active accounts you have. You should pull all 3 of your credit reports. I would strongly suggest that you use a personal finance software package like MS Money or Quicken to track your accounts, so this doesn't happen again.

  5. Customer S

    Customer S Guest

    Dear Don,

    Pay no attention to those rude and insulting posts above! Of course you cannot have too many credit cards! The idea is ludicrous. Here at the Bulletin Board we believe every American is entitled to have as many credit cards as he can carry in his wallet without making those ugly red sores on his butt. They are just little pieces of plastic anyway, what is the big deal? And as for the laughable idea of tracking your accounts on Quicken, the genius who suggested that must be unemployed- who else has the time for that nonsense? Just spend what you want, worry about it when the bill comes in. If you are a little short, well, Duh! that's why they call them CREDIT cards! Spend, spend, spend and be Content!:)
    Customer Service
  6. GS

    GS Guest

    Good advice CS, especially from a my brain
    went to sleep idiotic moron who evidently
    knows nothing about credit and alot about
    nothing. Keep posting we all need a laugh
    every now and then.

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