Credit repair beginning, need advice on steps to take after initial disputes with CRA

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Lori7767, Sep 25, 2012.

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    I am just beginning the journey of credit repair after a Chapter 13, 1 yr and 4 mths ago. I started in June, score was 604, disputed several items, 2 successfully deleted. I got a secured Cap 1 card and by September I was up to 672.. good news! I still have several more items I would like removed if possible so pleading for help as to the steps I should take on these:

    1) Collection for $85 I had no knowledge of until I pulled report for a parking ticket my son received in his car, registered in my name. I called and spoke to collector, was told that if I paid they would change the balance to zero but policy is not to delete. It doesn't drop off for 2 months. I disputed with CRA, all I got was that it was updated. Pay or dispute (if so, with CRA or Creditor)?

    2) Charge off for credit card, says $207 charge off, $138 past due. Not sure I understand that but it doesn't drop off for 2 years, disputed with Experian and it says updated. I'm finding it hard to find sometimes what they updated since I am new at this. Next step?

    3) Charge off for car loan, $6300, says "written off 9/2010". Disputed with CRA, once again, updated but not sure what.

    4) Credit card that shows charge off and status says "Petition for chapter 13 bankruptcy, $664 written off" and a note that says "sold to another lender" after dispute update by CRA

    5) Civil claim judgement for $554 that said "remains unchanged" after I disputed with the CRA.

    The bad news is I didn't find this until I read other sites saying to just dispute everything so that is what I did. I did not keep good notes as to what reasons I used and steps I took but I sure am NOW!

    Any help/advice on any of these would be greatly appreciated. Just need to know what steps you think I should take next, what letter to use, etc.. I'm new at this so please be really clear LOL. Thanks so much!!
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    Re: Credit repair beginning, need advice on steps to take after initial disputes with

    Welcome to Creditnet!

    1.) Push your PFD request up the ladder to a supervisor. Don't give up after the first try. For $85, I would want to just pay this off in full and remove it from my credit reports. Also, remember that the newest versions of the FICO score exclude small collections under $100.

    2.) Is this debt now with a collection agency? If so, has it been paid off or settled already?

    3.) Charge offs are tough because the OC really has no incentive to do anything for you at this point. It was a charge off for them, they wrote off the debt, likely sold it to a CA and moved on. Goodwill letters can sometimes work, but there's no guarantees.

    4.) Looks like this debt was charged off as part of your BK. Do you know what CA it was sold too?

    5.) Who is the judgment creditor and have they been in contact with you to try and collect the debt?

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