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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by sm691, Jul 13, 2001.

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    Hello everyone! I have recently found this board, but we have been on our credit repair quest now for almost a year. I have impeccable credit, but after a divorce, my new dear husband was not so lucky. I would like to report the results to everyone so that they know it CAN be done!!

    STARTED WITH 36 total derogs not including 2 judgements and 3 student loans in default.


    EFX = 10, XPN = 8, TRU = 9 ---- TOTAL = 27!!!!!

    4 resolved for payment in exchange for deletion or change to R1 status (god bless Mr. Miller!!) And the 3 student loans will be coming out of default in August.

    We have to work on 3 more from TRU, 1 more from XPN and 1 more from EFX.

    We used Lexington till we wised up and continued the battle on our own. They did get us a good chunk of the deletions, but for the money and the lag time between disputes, we probably could have done the same thing ourselves.

    Anyhow, keep the faith, miracles do happen!!!!!

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    What does the R1 mean? The credit reports I have are all tri merge, pulled by mortgage companies. I don't understand all the coding yet.

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    Thank you George.


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