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  1. Nelson5

    Nelson5 New Member

    I was very skeptical at first having never heard of someone who would help clear up one's credit file. After being turned down for a home loan I filed for my credit report to see what all was on it. To my dismay there were duplications, misinformation as well as things that weren't even mine. No wonder I couldn't get the loan. A friend from work said to contact Metronet Credit Solution who had helped her in the past. I contacted them and explained my situation to them, they promised to help me. I was so amazed when I pulled my report after 11days and all the negative items, duplications and misinformation had all been cleared from my report and my score had risen to 750’s. I strongly recommend their services to any one in need of credit fix, contact them via METRONETCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM or call their helpline 205 518 3032.
  2. Jason Boerner

    Jason Boerner New Member

    I am engulfed with overwhelming excitement at the excellent results on my credit profile, that have given me the long sort opportunity to buy a house and other necessities. An unreserved gratitude to KENSTAR SERVICES for removing all hard inquiries, negatives and chapter 7 bankruptcy filed in 2019 from my credit profile, also raised my credit scores to Equifax: 805, TransUnion: 794 and Experian: 811. With records of my experience with this credit expert ( +18573304102) I can honestly attest that their services are reliable and professional.
  3. Ruth Breen

    Ruth Breen New Member

    It still feels incredible that my life has changed and I thank Lord Zakuza everyday for his help. It is the best feeling in the world knowing that I am financially secure. Lord Zakuza prayed and prepared a lottery spell for me and he gave me some numbers to play on the Euromillions game. I played the game and I was sent an email after 3 days regarding that I was the winner of ONE MILLION POUNDS. So I rang them up and they confirmed that I was the very lucky one to have won on the EuroMillions Raffle draw. I was shocked, surprised and couldn't believe what my eyes saw and what my ears were earing and I stopped work at where I was a working as a midwife and ever since then, I have been winning in every game I played whenever I decide to. My life and that of my family has changed ever since that day and I want to say a very big thank you to Lord Zakuza. WhatsApp him for help via +1 (740) 573-9483 or email: ( lordzakuza7 @ gmail. com ) or visit his website on:
  4. Mason Alexander

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    Great service and quick turn around kept me updated throughout, I was skeptical to get in touch with any credit specialist, after I got introduced to RAYLINK through my cousin who happens to be a former FIGO agent then I decide to give him a try he went above and beyond his scope of work raise my score from 563 to 792 and also deleted the collection and hard inquiries on my credit report, also paid off my medical bills. Just successfully purchased a home for my family. Big thanks to RAYLINKCYBERSERVICES (at) GMAIL (dot) COM/text +1 (770) 769-5986
  5. Lydia Carol

    Lydia Carol Member

    Hello guys, I just want to share my joyful experience about HACK VANISH CREDIT SPECIALIST. Before the coronavirus pandemic, I had criminal Judgments, few evictions, and late payment which negatively impacted my credit score down to 487 and left me in difficult financial situation, as a single mum of 3, I needed a loan to keep the family running after I lost my husband as a result of COVID-19, all hope were lost, until Mrs. Olivia referred me to HACK VANISH, a credit genius who was very helpful in fixing my credit 6 days after I reached out to him via Email: hackvanish (At) gmail (Dot) com and Phone: +1(650) 499 5548, throughout the process, I felt so involved because an open line of communication was maintained till I got my FICO score restored to 796, currently my loan application has been approved, I can now give my kids better life. If you need to hire a hacker, HACK VANISH is highly recommended.

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