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Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by Nelson5, Oct 9, 2021.

  1. Nelson5

    Nelson5 New Member

    I was very skeptical at first having never heard of someone who would help clear up one's credit file. After being turned down for a home loan I filed for my credit report to see what all was on it. To my dismay there were duplications, misinformation as well as things that weren't even mine. No wonder I couldn't get the loan. A friend from work said to contact Metronet Credit Solution who had helped her in the past. I contacted them and explained my situation to them, they promised to help me. I was so amazed when I pulled my report after 11days and all the negative items, duplications and misinformation had all been cleared from my report and my score had risen to 750’s. I strongly recommend their services to any one in need of credit fix, contact them via METRONETCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM or call their helpline 205 518 3032.
  2. Jason Boerner

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    I am engulfed with overwhelming excitement at the excellent results on my credit profile, that have given me the long sort opportunity to buy a house and other necessities. An unreserved gratitude to KENSTAR SERVICES for removing all hard inquiries, negatives and chapter 7 bankruptcy filed in 2019 from my credit profile, also raised my credit scores to Equifax: 805, TransUnion: 794 and Experian: 811. With records of my experience with this credit expert ( +18573304102) I can honestly attest that their services are reliable and professional.
  3. Ruth Breen

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    It still feels incredible that my life has changed and I thank Lord Zakuza everyday for his help. It is the best feeling in the world knowing that I am financially secure. Lord Zakuza prayed and prepared a lottery spell for me and he gave me some numbers to play on the Euromillions game. I played the game and I was sent an email after 3 days regarding that I was the winner of ONE MILLION POUNDS. So I rang them up and they confirmed that I was the very lucky one to have won on the EuroMillions Raffle draw. I was shocked, surprised and couldn't believe what my eyes saw and what my ears were earing and I stopped work at where I was a working as a midwife and ever since then, I have been winning in every game I played whenever I decide to. My life and that of my family has changed ever since that day and I want to say a very big thank you to Lord Zakuza. WhatsApp him for help via +1 (740) 573-9483 or email: ( lordzakuza7 @ gmail. com ) or visit his website on:

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