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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by shellyb092, Mar 11, 2014.

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    Hello Everyone!

    I am currently attempting to fix some items on my credit report. My goal is to buy a house and due to some credit issues years back my score is just taking forever to rise. I do have 4 good credit cards and a car loan now but the score is slowly creeping up. One item that recently appeared dropped my scores by almost 50 points. I disputed with all three agencies and they came back verified. Any advice would be extremely helpful!!

    I had a loan through American General/Springleaf financial in 2008.. this was charged off and judgment filed on my report. Recently LVNV Funding must have purchased this debt. They posted on my credit report showing a Date opened of 06/2013 and the amount owed (same amount that was charged off and Judgment filed on in 2010 and even list original creditor as Springleaf. This dropped my score at least 50 points as soon as it appeared because it shows it was a debt that was opened on 06/07/2013 and shows a current delinquent loan. I sent a dispute to all 3 agencies letting them know this was not opened in 2013 and the original debt was from 2009ish. They all came back verified per the debt collector and are leaving it as is. I know this can not be right.. can it??? Do you know what I can do to try and fix this and if not removed at least have the date opened to reflect the proper date over 4 years ago and not last year? Any advice is appreciated.. this is the first step on my report ..
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