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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Jackie, Apr 6, 2000.

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    Hello! We are in the process of paying off some debt in the hopes of buying a house within the next year. In planning this and looking at my credit report, I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can answer!

    1. My car lease is showing up with Equifax as an installment account with a high credit of 18k$ and a balance of 16k$. However, it's a 2 year lease that I signed with a TOTAL of something like 7K$. Per my records we should be able to pay off the whole lease for a little over 5k$ at this point. IS it incorrect for Equifax to be reporting it as an 18k$ debt? Is there some sort of weird liability thing with lease cars that they put it in at the full price had we purchased it?? I'm confused.

    2. What would be better -- If we pay off our car lease we'll eliminate a $350/month payment, thus reducing our debt ratio -- or will they assume that when our lease is up we'll need a new one and figure in the amount anyway? Should we instead pay off a $5000 creditline that's a monthly payment of $150?

    Thank you for any help or advice!!

    P.S. If possible, also reply via email. :)

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