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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by nitwit2, Jul 9, 2001.

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    The story: I've been offered a settlement of my student loan. I would like to take it, but I don't want the loans to show up on my credit reports. (The loans are more than 10years old and do not show up on my reports right now) I want a written statement that the loans won't be reported.
    The Collection agency refuses to respond to this request.
    The Dept of Ed says that I can only deal with the collection agency.
    Now I've called the Ombudsmans office. The front line guy said that the loans would not show up since they're more than 7 years old . Is this true? I'm pretty certain that I've read that student loans could be reported forever- I don't want them reported as "settled" or whatever. The ombudsman guy said they wouldn't be reported even once I paid them. The ombudsman guy was just a regular font line guy-he sounded 12 years old. I couldn't get them to give me a case manager.

    1) I thought any loan could be reported once it was paid (for another seven years) Is this true?

    2)Is there some place that states that student loans can be reported for longer than 7 years?

    3)Does anyone know why the collection agency/ombudsmans office won't put that in writting if the loans can't be reported? Al I need is that statement in writting and I'll pay off the loan!

    4) Do you think I am I being hoodwinked by collection agency?

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    My orgianl debt from Ed is gone but for some reason my NDSL from Auburn popped back up (originally got loanin 1988). So I was like WTH!!! So I've gone thru Direct Loan and it is paid off but we will see if it is deleted or not. Will let you know.
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    thanks! I'd appreciate the info!

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