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  1. JD

    JD Guest

    Anybody have a preference as to getting crs from the big three? Requesting on-line or by mail?
  2. John Shimm

    John Shimm Guest

    I get mine online via the CRA (Experian and Equifax), and the freebie from (for TU). It's right from the horses mouth, it's instant, and I've never seen a difference between the two regarding actual data (only the formatting is a little different).

    If you've been denied credit in the past 60 days, you can even get your online Experian or Equifax for free (read as you fill out the info on the site - you gotta check a box claiming the denial). Actually, if you've had ANY inquiry in the past 60 days, you get it for free -- they're only looking for any inquiry on file.

    You'll get copies in the mail for free whenever you dispute something - they're required to do that. You can dispute Equifax right online (after you get your report), but I can't remember about Experian, but I think you can do those disputes online, too.
  3. JD

    JD Guest

    Thanks John - I asked because it doesn't make sense to pay for a certified letter to them and the time it would take to get it back. I want to dispute some things but it seems that disputes would be better handled through the mail.
  4. John Shimm

    John Shimm Guest

    I've handled 60% of my disputes via telephone, 20% via mail, 20% via online. Of the 20% mail, maybe a fourth of those I felt required certified mail. Normally, I just sent it regular old mail. I've NEVER had a problem with the CRA ignoring a dispute, regardless of how I filed it.

    IMHO, the MOST expeditious way is via telephone, that's for sure. They've all but stopped accepting faxed documentation - if you need to send docs, you gotta send it in the mail.

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