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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bkonner, Mar 10, 2001.

  1. bkonner

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    Hi, (sorry for long post)

    I seem to be in a catch 22 when I apply for credit. I went to, a link off of to check my credit score.
    Here's the story:

    Three years ago while I was going to graduate school, I went from full time to part time because my courses were hard (all math--Calculus 3, Linear Algebra, etc). Therefore I had to start paying back my student loans. I got into financial trouble for three months, twice and asked for a forbarance on my student loans; which were granted; but because I am an idiot, I did not ask for the forbarance until I was 60 days late. Only my two student loans fell behind. Everything else was always current.

    Everything is caught up, and I have been current since 12/99. I have two credit cards, one with a 9500 credit limit, nothing due except for the current month's charges, and a second with a 2000 credit limit, and nothing is due except for the current month's charges. I have no charge offs; nothing else is negative. I applied for a motorcycle loan last summer and was denied. I applied again this January and was denied. I have nine inquiries over the last nine months (One was from my graduate school ???) which has brought my credit score down. My score is low, 56 (range is 0 to 100). The catch 22, I think, is that by applying for credit, I reduce my score and get denied credit. rates my credit as good (rating ranges are: very poor, poor, fair, good, very good.)

    Is there anything I can do? I make really good money, have had the same job since school (over two years). I even have a contract where I can not be let go for any reason (I am a System Administrator for a medium size school system) until 6/2001).
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    Sorry for asking a dumb question, but what happen to your 6 months grace period?


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