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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by k, Mar 19, 2001.

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    weird thing to report. in early feb. i applied for a mortage and my scores were 666(tu), 607(equifax), and 595(experian). at the time, i had a cell phone bill of 1,316 that was 90 days late, two credit cards that were maxed out, two auto loans outstanding (one was current, the other one was paid off, but it was showing that it was still open with a balance of 8000), and one of my three student loans showing a charge off. so i went to work. i got one of my auto loans to show closed with no balance. then, i paid off my other auto loan (balance about 19k), i also paid the cell phone bill, and got the correct infor reported on my student loans. my credit cards are still maxed out (combined balance is about 9400). but, the good news..... when i applied for a loan with an officer this week, they said my scores were...715(experian), 652 (tu), and 647 (equifax). am i excited? yes, but, youd think that my tu score would have went up, instead, it went down. they use the middle scores with a mortgage, and mine is the 652. if i can get that up to 700 i can apply for a 3-percent down loan with prime rates. anyway, just wanted to share with everyone that working on your credit does help. and thanks to this board that inspires everyone to keep fighting the good fight.
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    Keep up the good work!! The 715 Experian is PRIME status!!

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