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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jjjaz, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. jjjaz

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    Does anyone know the approximate effect of having an account status listed as a "collection" versus "120 days past due"? Which would be preferred if you wanted a higher score?

    I don't think either status would be considered completely accurate in my case since it is a purchase money second mortgage that had been foreclosed on by the primary in a non-recourse state, but I figure either of those are preferred to actually being listed as a "foreclosure". The first shows up with "120 days past due" and lists "foreclosure" in the notes section. I suppose that is because it was of the non-judicial type.
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    The hit will be different for everyone depending upon their starting FICO score and credit history. FICO's told us that if you have otherwise good credit and you miss 1 payment it could drop your scores 40-75 points. I don't believe they've released any specific numbers regarding collections, but a collection has to be viewed by the credit-scoring model as something worse than a late pay. It could easily drop you well over 100 points, so you definitely don't want any collections on your credit reports if possible.

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