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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by crystal, Sep 27, 2001.

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    When I recieved my credit reports(I got all 3) only my transunion had a "credit score" which was a 523 I had two neg removed my first dispute and it went to 548 ---how do I find out what my other 2 credit scores are? I know my score is low now but in what range does it start to look good enough to say refinance my auto? and how do I find out what my score is on the other two reports? I am just learning so bear with me -------thanks ----chris
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    There are dozens of "consumer" credit scores now available. The only ones that matter in my opinion are the ones that your creditors would use.... FICO scores. At this time there is only one source available for a FICO score to the consumer. It uses the information from your Equfiax to develop your score and is the same number a lender would see. You can get it from or

    Experian has a simulated fico score on their credit monitoring site, but it is not the same number seen by a lender.
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    The Equifax score as stated above appears to be accurate. Sometime after I paid for my score, Equifax offered me four score pulls for roughly $39 vs. the normal $52 price. So if you are really interested in your EQ score wait for EQ to make you an offer after you pay for your initial score.

    I subscribe to Creditexpert. The day I saw my Experian credit score (728) at the credit union, my CE score was 701. I like CE for other reasons.

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