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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by psr, Aug 12, 2000.

  1. psr

    psr Guest

    How do I go about finding out what my credit score is?
  2. Pat

    Pat Guest

    you don't.
  3. Fair Isaac

    Fair Isaac Guest

    It's a secret and you are not allowed to know that information, nor how it's calculated, nor how you can improve it. If you find out and tell anyone about it, we'll sue the pants off you. If you talk about it any more, we'll sue you. We'll just sue you anyway, because the whole thing about credit scores is supposed to be a secret, but someone ruined it. We're going to sue them too, just like we sued E-Loan who was actually giving people their scores. Shocking and appalling. People aren't allowed to have their credit scores, because we said so. It's a secret. So, no more talking about credit scores, or we'll sue you. We're going to sue the whole internet too, because people talk about credit scores on the internet and they need to stop that because it's a secret and we'll sue them. Even if they own a Cadillac, we'll sue them.
  4. steve

    steve Well-Known Member

    That was kinda funny. But, actually, Fair Isaac got back to me right away when I emailed them with a question about scoring. Then, they followed up with a phone call and gave me a direct number of someone to return the call too. When I spoke with the representative, he was very helpful, answered my questions directly, and quite frankly kicked a**. Now, it is true he didn't really want to give specifics about how many points get shaved off under certain circumstances, but his answers were close enough to give me a very clear idea of the general effect on my credit rating.
  5. Stormie

    Stormie Guest

    Thats great, I think everyone should be entiltled to know their ratings. I guess it will be awhile before we find these included with the consumers copy of their credit reports.
  6. Gabie

    Gabie Guest

    If you know someone who works at a place where they have to run credit checks. You might be able to get them to run yours for you and then have them make a copy for you. Sometimes if you are in with a certain bank
    officer they to could help you. Yes it is true that it is supposed to be a scret even from the person who's credit it belongs to. I work in a fiels where we rely on credit checks to secure financing for our buyers and once and awhile i can get them to tell me what the persons rating was, but that doesn't always help cause every credit place has there own way of doing the scores so one place may consider the lower the score the better and the other place might do it where the higher the score the better. You can pretty much tell what your credit is like by getting a copy of your credit report and then look at your history of repayment if you haven't had any late pays, slow pays or over due or charge offs etc. you should be confident that you have decent credit.
  7. Linda

    Linda Well-Known Member

    I found out my credit scores from a loan officer when applying for a car loan. She told me that they weren't supposed to give them out, and I promised I wouldn't tell. If you apply for a loan it couldn't hurt to ask what your score was.

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