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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Michael Hogan, Sep 12, 2021.

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    Hello guys! I am Michael, I and my family were relocating to Texas due to my new job. I’ve been trying to purchase a home for over month, but I wasn’t approved for a loan, to be approved I needed a score of at least 700, but my score was at 598. I had many hard inquiries, some accounts in collection, late payments, unpaid debts and bankruptcy (this bankruptcy have been on my report for almost three years). A realtor told me about Metronet Credit Solution, who he told me had been helping his clients and I contacted them ASAP. They helped me wipe all the negative items on my credit and raised my score to 802 Vantage Score from the initial 598. I’ve been approved for a house loan. It’s been two weeks now and nothing is coming back, so I think the fix is permanent. I promised to recommend their services. If you’re in need of credit fix, Contact Metronet via: +1 (205) 518 3032 or write them at Please don’t forget to mention me.
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