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  1. Michael Hogan

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    Hello guys! I am Michael, I and my family were relocating to Texas due to my new job. I’ve been trying to purchase a home for over month, but I wasn’t approved for a loan, to be approved I needed a score of at least 700, but my score was at 598. I had many hard inquiries, some accounts in collection, late payments, unpaid debts and bankruptcy (this bankruptcy have been on my report for almost three years). A realtor told me about Metronet Credit Solution, who he told me had been helping his clients and I contacted them ASAP. They helped me wipe all the negative items on my credit and raised my score to 802 Vantage Score from the initial 598. I’ve been approved for a house loan. It’s been two weeks now and nothing is coming back, so I think the fix is permanent. I promised to recommend their services. If you’re in need of credit fix, Contact Metronet via: +1 (205) 518 3032 or write them at Please don’t forget to mention me.
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    Metronet are the best in terms of credit repairs, they helped me too.
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    I was in great debt and was confused about what to do with my life until I met these great credit specialists (METRONET CREDIT SOLUTION) on the internet with wonderful reviews in different blog about credit repairs and how good they are. After careful deliberation with my spouse, I contacted them for fix. They promised to fix my credit in 7days, but it took 9days as against the initial 7days. They cleared every negative item on my credit report, (late payments, inquiries, collections, judgment, garnishment and card debts) and increased my credit score to 815,805 and 812 from the initial poor score. Right now I’ve been approved for car loans, house loans with low interest. Kindly contact him with the following details and get your credit fixed fast. METRONETCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM or call 205 518 3032.

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