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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Nave, Mar 18, 2002.

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    Here's the first one:

    How do I get My Credit Report:

    You can get your report many ways.

    Equifax (EQ)

    Trans Union Corporation (TU)

    How do I get My Credit Score
    Credit scores are a highly debated topic on the board. The only true FICO score offered to the public is your Equifax score through However you can get scores from many other places to quantify your profile today and your profile tomorrow. Here are some sites:



    TransUnion: (same as above TU lets you order your score directly)

    Where can I find sample letters

    Where can I find Estopple letter

    You get the idea.....if we all add the critical data, we will all save time and energy in the future.

    -Peace, Dave
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    woops this thread was supposed to be in the FEEDBACK SECTION - SORRY

    PBM can you move this thread to the FEEDBACK FORUM and the link that points to it?

    My thought was that eventually only one threadwould have to remain at the top of the CREDIT forum which points you to the relevant information.....sorry for the confusion and thread movement

    Thanks, Dave
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    The Creditnet bulletin board software accepts limited Visual Basic (VB) commands.

    These are always surrounded by brackets [ and ].

    All commands must have a start and a stop command to tell the software what text is to be modified.

    The start of any command is [command] and the end of the command is [/command]

    note spaces are added to the examples so that you can view the example's code.

    The commands are:

    B for Bold example - [ b ] bold text [/b]

    I for Italics example - [ i ] italic text [ /i ]

    U for Underline example - [ u ] underlined text [ /u ]

    COLOR=colorname example [ color=red ] red text [ /color ][/list]

    -colorname can be "blue" "red" "yellow" "green" etc...

    SIZE=sizenumber example [ size=4 ] large text [ /size ]

    -sizenumber can be "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" etc..."
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    Where can I find sample letters

    Samples of validation letters, procedural requests, dispute letters etc can all be found here:

    CreditNet Sample Letter Forum
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    Where is the Estopple letter?

    The Estopple letter is a last ditch validation letter with a bit more force to it because it is the 2nd or 3rd validation attempt after at least 1 failure for the creditor to validate the debt. In the Estopple letter you still request validation so it is in the sample validation letter section. Specifically Here:

    Estopple letter
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    What is PlanetFeedback?

    PlanetFeedback is an organization that helps you submit feedback letters to corporations through a website interface. Either complaints or compliments can be sent and you can use the wisdom of others to help you formulate your feedback comments. The system walks you through several steps asking you simple questions about your (dis)satisfaction of the company you wish to send your comments to.

    Planetfeedback has helped several people on CreditNet to get their opinions out to the right people, the people in charge, and can have some great results for consumers who can't seem to get their message accross through normal customer service channels.

    You can find Planetfeedback at
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    What monitoring services are there?

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    Who pulls Experian in New York?

    There are many Creditor/CRA lists on the net. None are 100% reliable because the Creditors tend to pull different reports in different areas, and can change any time. Some pull more than one report. It can be very confusing. However there are a couple good places to start.

    CreditNet CRA list

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    Assigned debt vs. Purchased debt

    A CA can be assigned a debt to collect or can purchase the debt.

    When the debt is assigned, the CA collects the debt for the original creditor, and will earn a percentage of the fees collected.

    When the debt is purchased the debt from the original creditor is sold to the CA for something less than original value.

    There are big differences on how you can handle the different types when negotiating and settleing for payment.

    It is a good idea to ask what type of debt the CA is collecting on (purchased/assigned) when sending your validation letters.
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    Does paying a CA restart the 7years

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    How do I search the board?

    There is a search button at the top of each page whil in the creditnet message board. Here are some tips:

    1) Search often and aggressively and you will find your answer. Chances are it HAS been talked about on this board.

    2) You can search by YOUR username to find posts where you asked a question but can not find the post.

    3) You can search by username in combination with other fields to narrow a search, say to find all posts by Lizardking about suing the CRA, or all posts by LKH about Gulf State, fill in both the "Search by username" and "Search by keywords".

    4) Use "quotes" around words when you need the exact phrase. For instance "Experian Fax Number" or "NY SOL".

    5) When one phrase returns no results don't give up. Sometimes "NY SOL" will return nothing while "SOL in NY" will return what you need.

    6) Use boolean expressions like; experian AND FICO, validation AND "green card", "law suit" OR litigation, etc...

    7) Narrow your search. If looking for the best place to get your credit score, searching for "FICO" will probably NOT return the answer you were looking for, well not without wading through 1000's of posts.

    8) Use the creatively to find your answer. Remember to search the board before asking your questions.
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    Why is the font so small?

    Select VIEW from the menu bar and select TEXT SIZE. Increasing the text size may not work in some versions of Netscape but this will fix most of the Internet Explorer users.
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    What factors into my FICO score?

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    In dispute, factors in FICO score?

    Originally posted by kit
    When an account is being investigated (marked "in dispute- reinvestigation in progress) does it or does it not factor into your score?

    Originally posted by LKH

    It is not factored in. So, if it is a negative acct., when being investigated, your score will be higher. If it is verified, your score will drop, if it is deleted, it will most likely stay at that current score.
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    Re: Where can I get the SOL's by State?

    Hi Nave,

    I haven't had the time to develop the new FAQ approach but I *am* following you attentively. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts. Rest assured they shall not have been in vain.

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    Can I stop promotional inquiries?

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    Re: Where can I get the SOL's by State?

    Thanks PBM, What I am going to do is to compile the list into an HTML page and send you a copy. Then you can just pop it into a preformatted page on CreditNet. Once that is done, I think we can request some editing of the facts, and the FAQs, by some regular board members as I know some is irrevelant for a FAQ and some info may be wrong.

    I will send this to you soon, probably by this weekend.

    -Peace, Dave
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