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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JustMe, Aug 22, 2000.

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    Has anyone ever heard of this!

    I have an active MasterCard account. I noticed that it isn't appearing on any of my credit reports ( I have a copy of all three). I called the issuing bank last month and they said they will ensure that it gets reported. Well I checked again this month and still isn't showing. I opened this account in 04/2000. I called the bank today and they asked me to fax ALL THREE copies to them! They said that this is the only way they can solve the problem! I can't believe this! Why can't they contact the CRA's and see what going on. I don't feel comfortable faxing my credit reports! This bank advertising a lot on the internet and says they report to all 3 CRA's. What should I do? I called equifax today and they said they have no record of this bank reporting. Who is lying to me?
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    RE: DON'T DO IT!!

    Now usually when it comes down to whose word to believe between a CRA and a creditor or even a CRA and a collection agency well invariably the CRA is ALWAYS the liar.

    Still your case intrigues me. Consider this, if your creditor is in actual fact NOT reporting to the CRA's nor has any plans to do so then due to recent policies of the the CRA's which is to shut out and deny access to these companies their information this company would be extremely eager to obtain YOUR credit reports and make use of that information as they will. No doubt that would include selling this information to one and all while benefiting you NOTHING but a further loss of privacy.

    Now it may very well be a case such as DMB which reports every 3 months or so and you'll find yours reported.

    At this point you can choose to

    A. Wait and hope it gets reported

    B. Send them a certified letter included within would be copies of their advertisements and stated promises and claims to report to all 3 credit bureaus saying if they do not report your records to the CRA's with XX amount of days you will close your account and further publicise this far and wide about their duplicity.

    C. Obtain a Universal Declaration Form and have the creditor fill it out and send it on to the CRA's, of course this will only be a static piece of information and depending on the CRA may not be updated.

    D. Send copies of your statements directly to the CRA's and ask them to update your files, considering how eager they are to get all the information they can (so they can sell it to EVERYBODY) this may be your best bet. This will undoubtedly FORCE the situation and show where your creditor really stands.
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    RE: DON'T DO IT!!

    Thanks StevenZ!
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    RE: DON'T DO IT!!

    I ran into a similar problem while helping my daughter's friend with her credit reports. GMAC was the culprit here.

    According to what GMAC was reporting, this woman's date of last activity on a current, open account is in 1997. They have not reported any payment history for the last three years during which every single payment has been current.

    When we called GMAC, we could talk to no one except the customer service rep. about the problem. They requested that we fax copies of all three credit reports with the problems circled. They also suggested disputing all the information with the credit bureaus. They provided no help and would not turn us over to a supervisor or suggest any other department who could help.

    We decided not to send them the credit reports. That should be their job. As far as another department to contact, we are currently stumped. We'll probably end up disputing the lines, but they are so screwed up on all three reports, we're having a time trying to figure out how to explain it all in the disputes.
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    RE: DON'T DO IT!!

    Does anyone know to solve this problem? I think many people are experiencing this.
  6. Doris K.

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    RE: DON'T DO IT!!

    Whatever you do, don't hire Lexington Law Firm for such cases. The lady I'm working with is one of their e-clients. She has repeatedly asked them what to do, but they have ignored all of her emails, faxes, and requests. However, they are very dependable about taking her money every month.

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