"Creditor cannot locate individual"

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SET, Apr 27, 2001.

  1. SET

    SET Member

    I'm looking at my Experian report, and under "potentially negative items" is an account from Household Retail Services that is noted as follows:

    Status: Creditor cannot locate individual/never late

    Account History: Creditor cannot locate individual 11/30/1998 to 03/19/2001

    This is crazy and I will dispute it. I get my statements every month and have never missed a payment.

    Has anyone ever seen this before? Since the time span goes up to my last statement date, is this considered a current/recent "negative"? Any clue what the impact on a credit score might be?
  2. Kelly

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    My Hubby had the same thing on his Experian report for a deficiency balance on a car.

    That account was a major score killer. When he applied for the mortgage back in February - his Experian score was over 100 points lower that TU and Equifax. The other two bureaus didn't list the account

    It was recently deleted from Experian, Thank God.

    I'm not sure about the recency issue. However, when I was speaking with our mortgage lender in February. She had concerns about the recency of reporting the account - not the DLA. I thought that was odd. Many of my collections had recent updates because of credit bureau disputes.


  3. SET

    SET Member

    Kelly, same thing here... this only shows up on my Experian. Maybe they have some kind of glitch or something.

    The first date is around the time I moved, so I suppose it is possible that a statement got returned to them in the mail. But this looks like they're claiming that they haven't been able to find me for 2+ years, which is insane.
  4. Kelly

    Kelly Well-Known Member

    I'd definitely call them on it!!

    Raise hell

    Now I don't know how bad that particular statement hurt - but hubby's score was in the lower 500's - I'm thinking 530 when it was on there - now I believe it's in the low to mid 600's - eloan was 644 - I know it's not FICO - but it's the only reference I have.

    The actual account was deleted entirely.


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