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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Wrenchbend, Mar 23, 2001.

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    I could use some direction.

    I ordered merchandise from a company using my credit card. The order received authorization and conformation. It's been quite some time since the order was placed, and when I inquired as to status, I was told that my order cannot be filled, and the debit on my card would be cleared. Once again, a period of time has passed, and the charge still appears on my credit card. I've written to them on at least three occasions, and each time they responded by email telling me that they will clear the charge. These guys have been holding on to about $300 worth of my credit, which is being treated as a completed purchase. I subsequently notified my card company, and contested the billing, but is there anything I can do about the fact that this outfit debited my card despite knowing they were not going to ship the order?

    Sorry for rambling, but the practices of this company I placed the order with seems to border on criminal theft by deception. Any suggestion as to whom I may contact in reference to this company's credit charge activities?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Creditor Fails to ship Ord

    You can't ASSUME they took your $300 assuming that whey would NEVER ship...

    Your credit card company will "CHARGE IT BACK" and issue you a credit...
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    Re: Creditor Fails to ship Ord

    Happens to me alot with online orders. For instance, charged me twice :) Some idiot on ebay never sent my stuff (billpoint). It's called having a good credit card company. Capitalone has a "merchant resolution" department which will work for you. They will reverse the charge (temporarily) until its disputed and negate any interest on the item.

    One of the reasons for having a good card company! :) Sucks is all you can say.

    Voice your opinion about them at and and hope others will heed your warnings!
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    Re: Creditor Fails to ship Ord

    Am/Ex is NO JOKE when it comes to disputes. I heard that if you dispute a charge from an on-line company, you AUTOMATICALLY WIN. I got this tip from a friend who works at She is a customer service rep there. She told me that this one customer who signed up using their Am/Ex card decided after 3 months that they didn't want the service anymore so they stopped ordering movies. A YEAR later, the customer called to inquire why their account had been being billed $19.95, etc. (dang...don't people read their statements?). Netflix stated that they weren't going to credit the account back for a years service ('s not their fault the person didn't properly close the account and they didn't care that no movies were rented during that time). The customer (who used Am/Ex) disputed the years worth of charges and Netflix was A**ed OUT! No if, ands, or buts!

    Also, when my wallet got stolen and the thieves charged on my Am/Ex card, I called customer service and they handled everything ASAP! Then I called back like 10 minutes later with more info and the rep couldn't even find the fraudulent charge because it had already been credited back to my account turned over to their fraud dept.!

    On a flip note, I disputed a $16 charge that appeared on my Providian Gold card due to fraud (charge was made on 12/22/00). TO THIS DAY, I HAVE NOT RECEIVED A CREDIT OR EVEN A TEMPORARY CREDIT FOR THIS! I have called several times to check the status and they claim that it's still in process. I'm glad it was only $16 and not $1600!
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    Re: Creditor Fails to ship Ord thing I neglected to post. I used my bank's Visa Check Card for the transcaction. Guess I'm up sh**'s creek, huh?

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