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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Marypc, Apr 30, 2001.

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    Guld State placed an entry on my Experian report for an old phone bill (not mine, wrong name, ) I sent a validation letter, they sent me a request for info(in effect asking me to help them validate!)
    I sent a ltr back with a copy of the entry on my report, and the account number. I ended up filing a complaint with the Atty Gen'l office, BBB, etc. Months went by with no response...I disputed it on Experian, and it finally came off 3 weeks ago. Now, I get a letter from them stating "we have verified your account and forwarded your letter to our dispute department for further research."

    This is a full 4 months after my validation letter, and the item was deleted from Experian (and it has been near impossible for me to get anything deleted from Experian.) Can they possibly re-enter it on my report? Should I send a letter in response to this, or wait it out and see what happens? I am hoping htis is just a form letter, but I need to know if I should advise them their time was up a long time ago and forget about the reseach. Thanks!
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    I would wait and see if it appears on your reports again. If it does, send them a copy of your ID and SS Number that shows it is the wrong name. Tell them if they validate the account again, they will have a lawsuit filed against them for violating FCRA and FDCA. Good Luck

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