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    Has anyone ever had to talk to the wonderful
    Customer Service Reps at CCB. Especially
    one named NORA. This lady has a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas. They posted
    a pay by phone payment 3 days after the date it was made, when I told her to check the
    confirmation # she blew up and called me a lier. This payment was for my mothers account that she closed before they could screw her, but good old CCB and their
    crooked ways I guess they wanted to screw
    her since she cancelled her card. I just
    wish that we could hurt their business
    for the way they treat everyone. Their the
    biggest bunch of CROOKS, AND THEIR IDIOTIC,
    DEPT, IS A JOKE. Hell Ive got a 3year old that's smarter than they are.
  2. Don

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    This is one of those where filing a complaint with DE Bank commission may help....they'll play the game, but between having the date the $$ were removed from her account, and the posting date, it may be one so obvious they have to give it. Realize that the one thing, even after multiple letters, that I was unable to do on my wife's account is get a credit for an erroneous fee that they said, in writing, they would post. Now that the account is closed, it's a waste to go after it, except to use it as proof in any class action. The last reply, from one of the goons in the Delaware office was "Two overlimit fees were reversed on your account during December 1999, compensating for the courtesy late fee adjustment referred to in your letter"...The ones he referred to were due to some bogus charges that CCB eventually credited....good luck...hopefully you'll be luckier than us...
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    my mother received a cross country card in the mail. she didn't want it so she cut it in half and sent it back with a letter stating she did not want the card. Now she is receiving phone calls from them, even though she returned the card she is still liable for the activation charges. She never requested the card or used it. The rep was very rude to her. He said she still owes over $300 in charges. This company in my opinion are crooks.
  4. BOB

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    This is another in a long line of CCB tactics
    to screw the consumer. Contact your state attorney genarals office and tell them what
    good ol CCB is up to. Then send a letter
    to the Deleware State Banking Commission
    and tell them exactly what CCB has done,
    your not the first one CCB is trying to screw
    I would also get a copy of your mothers credit report and see what CCB has done there
    and send a letter to them stating that you didn't ask for the card and returned it
    unused, and that CCB is trying to extort
    money out of you and state that you dispute
    the charges and for them to post that on your report. maybe some of the regulars on
    here can give you some more advise. GOOD
    LUCK, And yes CCB is the biggest bunch of crooks in the business, and their customer
    service personell are morons with no ethics,
    and are trained in the art of screwing customers everyway imaginal.
  5. Valerie

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    I sent an email to consumer affairs regarding the cross country lost payment issues. I was contacted by an attorney that wants to investigate a class action lawsuit against them. We need people to send their records to this attorney and he can get this started. There is no cost to the consumer, but it may be a way to help others so that they won't get ripped off by this bank. The attorney's email address is:


    Please let me know if you send him something. I'm trying to pull together all my records. I thought my saga was over 1 year ago. I got a call a few weeks ago from one of their mobster collection agents telling me my husband owed them over 800. Our last payment to them was never posted even though we faxed them copies and overnighted them proof that the check cleared.

    Good Luck.
  6. Don

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    I received an e-mail back from "cliff", wanting all paperwork, etc...offering a free consult...I got the impression after looking at their website, they are definitely in the business of initiating class action..

    Have you checked references, etc., and can you vouch for the legitimacy of these guys? scam many Class Action mills pull is they ask for a bunch of proof for an "evaluation", and tell you that you have nothing...then it gets filed...and finally, when there IS enough, and it's profitable for them, they file, and may or may not take the time to include everyone in the filing...remember, the best class is the minimum sized class...nore $$ for everyone, including the attorney...
  7. Valerie

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    Thanks for the input, it does look like his firm is really into these lawsuits, I just wanted someone to do get these guys back. I will ask for references and check him out better. I've never been involved in anything like this before and didn't consider all that you said. Thanks for the advice. I'll check it out.


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