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  1. BOB

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    Those having problems with CCB harrassing
    you 24/7. Go to hhtp://

    There you will find a form you can print and
    fill out concerning the FDCPA laws about
    contact with customers. fill it out send
    it registered mail and inform CCB that all
    future calls will be tape with date and time
    recorded to show there abuse, to be turned
    over to the authorities so they can fine
    them $1000 dollars for each offense. And it states other rules. If they do contact you
    please keep a record of it. They may think there above the law, but you will find out there are not. scrool down and check out other helpful hints against CCB on this page.
    good luck CROOKS COUNTRY BANK has destoryed
    alot of people even some marriages, and also cost some people there homes. We need to
    stop these crooks and there crooked employees
    any employee that harrasses there customers
    is just as guilty as they are, they tell
    you a false name, but don't worry about
    that because that just proves there as
    big a lier as they are crooks. So good
    luck and if everyone that has a complaint
    reports it, then we might get something done.
    If you whine about it and do nothing then
    it's only your fault and no one elses.
  2. joe

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    I got a card from them and only recieved my first statement. I called them since I had moved to make sure they had my new address. They had it on file but didn't send any more statements. Then they sent me an over due notice. I called and payed it over the phone and verified they had my address but wasn't receiving statements. They kept calling and I kept telling them to send me a statement. I finally got them to send me all the statements I had missed, which they charged me for. They told me to write a letter to the disputes department which I did because the balance had DOUBLED due to those late and overlimit fees of $27 each a month. I sent them a letter and disputing it, then got a call from an attorney's office for collection. Needless to say, I would NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES accept a credit card from them. All they do is rip you off and you are helpless as to what you can do. There are plenty of other credit card companies that treat you very well. I have a Providian VISA and have never had a second of trouble from them. They are nice to deal with, and regularly offer increases. Cross Country Bank just takes advantage of those who need to help re-establish their credit and RIP YOU OFF!!!
  3. This is Ma

    This is Ma Guest

    Fascinating. Has anyone discovered CCB request for credit history initiated by the preparee which was in fact not requested in their CR?
  4. Caroline

    Caroline Guest

    I have never had a problem with CCB. They are always nice to me on the phone. They give me my increases on time when I call. I dont understand why everyone is complaining about them.
  5. BOB

    BOB Guest

    CAROLINE, How long have you been with CCB,
    trust us they are fine for awhile, but when
    they get the chance they will stick it to you
    It starts out as a small problem then gets bigger from there. do you think all these people are wrong. check out all the other
    sites and check with the better business
    bureau, check around and you will see what you have to look forward to in the future.
    this bunch of crooks have destroyed alot
    of people and even some marriages. they have
    alot of law suits, and some class action suits in the works. start a new topic and ask people what they think about CCB and if
    there a good bank to be with. I think you will be quite surprised. Good Luck with
    CCB you will need it in the future.

    Caroline wrote:
    I have never had a problem with CCB. They are always nice to me on the phone. They give me my increases on time when I call. I dont understand why everyone is complaining about them.
  6. Steven Z

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    This is most likely a promotional inquiry and is only seen by yourself and not by potential creditors, it is not considered a negative inquiry.

    CCB and many other banks (especially Providian) commonly do this. If you do not want this to continue you can "opt-out" of the CRA's marketing lists.
  7. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    Well, let's see...

    1. lost payments...and when CCB is given proof of receipt, they deny it....

    2. fraud charges that show up, they credit them, but then have a lapse of memory about crediting the late and overlimit charges associated with them...oh, and to cap it off, I actually have a letter from a VP in DE, in response to a letter I have from CCB saying I would have a 27 dollar fee credited, saying "you did not properly dispute the charge"...the letter means nothing...

    3. You CAN get all kinds of credit increases...they do that whenever you file any formal complaints with any government agencies that brings them under any scrutiny...they bumped my wife up 500 bucks 1 month after their response to the State of DE was "she consistently pays her bill late"...which was also a false statement...

    4. They have been known to take unauthorized $$ out of your checking account, not send statements (and then tell you "that is a courtesy", when the Fed Credit Reporting Act requires they send a statement once a month whenever there is a balance...

    5. They'll quote you a "minimum payment due" but it is NOT an amount to get your account current...there are many variations on this theme, all set up to nail you with more fees...

    IF you pay on time (defined as the minute you get your bill), AND stay way below your limit, AND watch your bill very carefully for any fraud/bogus charges, you may do OK...but believe me, there are much better cards out there...
  8. Len

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    Don and Bob are correct. I experienced all they mention with CCB and more. Caroline's post sounds similar to something I wrote here 2 1/2 years ago. I had my CCB account almost two years and had a Silver Preferred card when my nightmares began. The amount of money, frustration, and humiliation that CCB card cost me was incredible. I wish I had taken the experience of others seriously before I ended up one more Cross Country victim. I never thought it would happen to me.

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