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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by BlueVegas, Apr 6, 2001.

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    Check this out. Well remember I said I had a judgement for Cap One in 1998 for $3852. Well I sent in my first payment in April 1999 for $400. Then OSI calls and I setup payment plane for 6 months at $200. The ends, then we do another one starting in October 1999 for 6 check drafts. After that is paid they do another one starting in May 2000 for $202.78. The last omount is what will finish paying the judgement off. Turns out I that in November that I pay the last 3 drafts off with a payment of $609.

    I Just happen to call them back in December an ask for myy balance since it doesn't show PAID on my report. They say I owe another $13.16. So I pay that. I'm thinking the account is settled. I get my report again and it still shows UNPAID. I end calling Capital One and talking to a rep and she said I owe $192 more on the account. It's funny how the account is still in computer, but they claim a CHAREOFF on my report. I send in $196 just in case she couldn't add. That check cleared March 9th 2001.

    Guess What? My most recent report still shows UNPAID COLLECTION and full BALANCE. Then the dumbfukks have the account listed twice with a balance.

    Can I sue for fraud or not reporting the correct ammount? The report that I recieved was the TRI-Report from JANUM. Hopefully I can doe something to the unjust bastards. If I add up all the payments...

    $400 to Cap One Services
    $1200 5/99 - 10/99 OSI
    $1200 11/99 - 4/00 OSI
    $1229.84 5/00 - 1/01 OSI
    Total $4029.84

    Then the extra $196 + 4029.84 = 4225.84

    Why in the hell does it say settled for less on report. I even went through all of my bank records. I went without a computer from Jan98 to Oct99, but since then I have every bank transaction in MS MOney and it shows that I have way over paid. There is no way in hell that paid less than the original judgement of $3852. The original balance was $3203 on the card..WTF?? They trying to make some extra money here. They got steady payments for 18 months. WTF??? I can't wait t burn these assholes. What should I do?

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    I just talked to OSI and they have to go back and look on MicroFiche...They were no help....

    I also called Capital One Again and the said that if will show PAIDNFULL after April 19th. They also said I would recieve a letter stating that it was paid off and judgement was settled after April 19th.

    So what's the deal here. I hear that people settle for pennies on the dollar after collections, I end up paying $1000 more than the original balance. If it was charged off, they wouldn't have me in their system. This stuff better get worked out.

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    Re: Crooks - OSI/Cap One
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    Date: 04-06-01 06:28

    Sue them for violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. $1,000 per violation. Get some of your money back. Small claims court in your county. Costs $100 to file and about $25 to have them served.

    Reply To Message ==I'ed add the over payments to the 1000:
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    Add a little for your time off

    from work and expenses getting there - whatever you can think of. If people start suing -not extravagant, but reasonable amounts, maybe they will start paying attention.

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    Re: Add a little for your time

    Who do I sue? Cap One or OSI. They mislead me to thinking that my account was paid in full. I had to find out from the source that it wasn't, not unless somone kept some of the payment for themselves.

    Two wrongs do not make a right. I was bad for not paying the Cap One, so they sued me. That doesn't give OSI the right to lie and make me payless or more, when i wanted to pay the correct judgement amount. Blahhhh....

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    Re: Add a little for your time

    Sue them both. In small claims court, you can sue anyone for anything. You don't know who's doing it, so sue them both.


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