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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jim ward, Feb 19, 2001.

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    I am having a problem with Cross Country Bank that I think many others have had also and I would like to know what to do about it. I charged one item for $31, received no statements, and finally went on line and found my balance was over $100.....still not statements. I finally (after a half hour wait on a long distance call) talked to a "manager" and protested be charged so much over $31 and getting no statements, as I would have cancelled immediately had I known how much "fees" they were adding on. Finally I said, look, how much should I send to close this account and be done with it? I want nothing more to do with your bank. She said that $31 plus interest bring it to $34 would close the account and stop the phone calls which by now were everyday. I mailed the check the next morning, they cashed it, and continue to send me increasing statements. I have called a dozen times, left messages for a supervisor to call me back, written letters about my having fufilled my obligation and asking them to straighten this out and stop bothering me. I sent 2 registered letters asking them to stop calling and bothering me....and stop emailing me at work. Nothing happens, there have been 33 calls since the registered letter. I believe this bank is the scum of the industry and I am sick of it. If anyone has a suggestion about what I should do next I would really appreciate it!
    I would be happy to join a class action suit if anyone know where I might inquire!

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