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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Disgruntle, Jul 20, 2000.

  1. Disgruntle

    Disgruntle Guest

    Anyone have information on a class action suit for Cross Country Bank? Or information on who to contact to help me get to the bottom of the on-going problems I have encountered with them? Thank you
  2. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

  3. Debbie

    Debbie Guest

    I am currently going with a consumer program and CCB still has the nerve to call me on the weekends especially sundays. They should get a life.
  4. Len

    Len Guest

    Unfortunately, Cross Country believes they own the life of a customer when they issue a card.
    You get better treatment and a more honest deal by selling your soul to the devil. He has a more highly developed sense of Ethics and fewer fees.
  5. Carolyn Sa

    Carolyn Sa Guest

    I can relate!! CCB calls me several times in one day, at home and on my job. They leave those stupid messages on the business line where physicians respond to pages. I have asked them repeatedly not to do it, but they continue. Sometimes the calls are 5 minutes apart. I thought it was illegal to harrass consumers, but I got no help from the FCC.
  6. Carolyn Sa

    Carolyn Sa Guest

    I received two email addresses concerning the possible class action law suit involving CCB. However, when I mailed a response, the mail came back as "undeliverable". I am very interested in being part of a lawsuit against these people. Please let me know how to contact the people involved.
  7. Glenn Robb

    Glenn Robb Guest

    My name is Glenn Robbins.

    I have had a recent unusual and un ethical experience with CCB.

    I am firing them for their unethical actions.
    I have used their services for 4 years and had no problems.
    Last month I used the new on line service to pay my bill.
    My bank did not honor the request for electronic funds transfer and my bank did not notify me of the request and subsequent denial of funds transfer.
    Emphatically my bank said I do not have any record of a bounced check for over a year. (Over draft protection covers the check, but I am still notified of the transgression and charged a service fee to protect my credit history).

    CCB did contact me and accused me of not sufficient funds as the reason for refusal of the funds transfer.

    I was able to get the check number from them and requested a copy of the check from my bank.
    I have the cancelled check photo stat in my hand, though it is made payable to an other creditor.

    CCB claimed they had a "check in hand #???? and I should make the check good". My attempts to get a copy of the check they claimed bounced, they responded that the check was in the possession of the federal banking system and I could not have a copy of it.

    I explained I will be glad to rectify any problem with the payment, but I needed their help to resolve the problem. The customer service rep had no idea of how banking systems in the US work.

    While trying to resolve this little quirk in our systems, I paid them $200.00 leaving a balance of $75.41.

    Upon learning CCB had referred my check to a collection agency, I am livid.

    I paid the fee they demanded for what ever happened with the problem with their or my banks software.
    I asked for help to resolve the problem and am being treated as a person who has created similar problems with them in the past.
    4 years of timely payments means nothing to CCB.

    I asked the supervisor how they can justify the demand for payment on the check they "sold to a collections agency", when I do not owe them any funds?"
    I was told that was my problem, not theirs.

    If you know of anyone actively seeking to sue these people I would like to join them.

    Their conduct is entirely un ethical and I am sure illegal.
  8. BOB

    BOB Guest

    This has always been a problem with CROOKS COUNTRY BANK. Their CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT.
    is the worst in banking history. Most all
    of their reps are illiterate,untrained,
    immoral,and unethical. If you have a problem
    with CCB trying to clear it up through their CSR's is impossible. Even their Supervisors
    have no idea how to fix a problem. The sad
    this is they won't even try. Every problem is always the customers fault, even if you have proof otherwise. If CCB admits it's their fault it will take months to get it off your file. In the mean time you have to pay the bogus fees,the interest on those fees,and for dozens of long distance calls
    trying to get it cleared up. (Since CCB has
    no toll free phone line for CS.) So even if
    it's CCB's fault you will pay out the rear.
    And forget about getting those fees removed,
    their wonderful computer won't let them remove fees, go figure. If you want to see more on CCB go to:, you will be
    enlightened to more info about CCB and their crooked ways with some info you could possibly use against them. Sorry for being so long winded. But I HATE CCB.
  9. Len

    Len Guest

    4 years! Cross Country seems to _eventually_ screw everyone. They are unequiped or downright resistant to help with any problem, even if it's of their own making.

    After nearly 2 years of a perfect record with Cross Country, I called them for the first time over lost payments. My blood turned to ice when I first heard customer service say, "that's your problem, not ours." No matter how many times they repeated over the next 7 months, it made me sick. They weren't going to help resolve the problem. Suddenly, I was a Silver Preferred Deadbeat, treated like trash, and contacted by collections 6 times a day.
    Cross Country will always show its true colors sooner or later.
  10. Gunny

    Gunny Guest

    I am having a problem getting these integrity challanged people at CCB to stop sending me applications ect. Calls to them have gotten me no results unless you count rude telemarketer types answering their phones. I have never done business with this type of slime and never will. Stay clear of these type of bankers.
  11. BOB

    BOB Guest

    A class action suit was filed 7/21 that will
    surely cause them to file BK or put them out altogether. I LOVE IT, if it's all true this
    is a great day indeed.
  12. Shining4je

    Shining4je Guest

    while this bank indeed is a rip off and indeed i understood your terminalogy, in literal aspects selling/surrending ones soul to the devil is the mostly costly thing one could do, as it is priceless, after all it cost jesus his life. So even though you were just using the circumstances to make a point, please consider the literal refrence you are making.
  13. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    I think his reference is just fine...and until you are victimized by a CCB card you'll never truly appreciate that reference...

    Sorry if it offends you, but that's reality...
  14. Len

    Len Guest

    Judge not, lest you be judged.
    I'm a Taoist (Missouri Synod). Such references are used in my faith to teach and to guide one on the path to financial enlightenment. Lesson one is to tip toe quietly to the edge of the Lake of Fire, toss the Cross Country Devil Card in, and run like hell.
  15. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    Funny, I grew up as MO Synod Lutheran..wonder if CCB preys on us types..:)
  16. BOB

    BOB Guest

    I'm MO Synod Baptist, and I know they prey on us. LMAO!!!
  17. Len

    Len Guest

    My original reference to selling one's soul was a purely secular, literary one, based in the tradition of the Faust legend, as found in the classic literature of Marlowe and Goethe. I didn't mean to offend anyone but Rocco:)

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