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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jeff, Apr 6, 2000.

  1. jeff

    jeff Guest

    how hard is it to get appproved for this card?
  2. Jeanette

    Jeanette Guest

    You dont want it they have the worst customer service ever, I have paid every payment on time since I recieved the card and havent received an increase or been able to get anyone in management to discuss it with me. They are a bunch of liars.
  3. GS

    GS Guest

    JEFF, getting approved is easy. The problem is once they start screwing you over, it's hell to get out. Between the bogus FEES
    add late charges of coarse). If you get a
    card with CROOKS COUNTRY BANK, 9 out 10
    people get the ROYAL SHAFT, that might be
    ok to some, but when they shaft you they
    forget where the vaseline jar is, so it really hurts. Just read all the post on this
    site about CCB and you will get a better picture. Up front if you are approved, you
    will be charged $100 plus $50 annual FEE.
    so before you even get your card you in debt
    $150, your starting limit will be $250-350.
    Like I said if you want to know about CCB
    read the posts on this board. Personally
    I can say CCB is the biggest bunch of crooks
    in the business, from their pres. Rocco down
    to their customer service people. I could
    tell you some horror stories about good ole
    CCB, but I'll let you read them for yourself.
  4. Len

    Len Guest

    Honestly, Jeff, Cross Country could cost you more trouble and money than you could ever imagine. An absolutely unbelieveable house of financial horrors.
  5. Angel

    Angel Guest

    Very easy...however, it takes 2 weeks for them to post a payment at times. I have spent the majority of my time as a cardholder disputing late fees and overlimit fees due to late short, not worth it. I cancelled my account, cut up my card.
  6. Joseph Smi

    Joseph Smi Guest

    Jeff CCB is a for profit company but they do not break the law. Everything is in writing if you don't like the terms cut the card up send it back (certified return reciept). Those that complain don't pay their bill on time. A late fee can cause you to go over the limit thus an over the limit fee. CCB puts it in writing mail you payments 12 to 14 days ahead to ensure ontime posting.
  7. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

  8. Don

    Don Well-Known Member decide...Joseph is a supposed CCB employee...think about that and then read his post again...real convincing sales pitch, eh?...his statement "those that complain don't pay their bills on time.." is the mantra CCB beats into their collectors....those employees that have escaped Rocco's House of Horrors will tell you differently...

    GS is right...just keep reading and your decision will be made for you...
  9. Len

    Len Guest

    Paying Cross Country on time was a bit of a problem when payments were not posted until late or, incredibly, four payments were "lost" by CCB. Cross Country's customer service was an absolute nightmare to deal with and they were incapable or simply refused to correct their own billing errors.
    I wouldn't recommend Cross Country to anyone, no matter how desperate for credit they might be. Cross Country is dishonest, disreputable, and disgusting.
  10. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Jeff, he's rite they are for profit, anyway
    they can get it. They'll even steal it out
    of your bank accounts once they have your account #'s. Some of these people will
    also tell you that mailing your payment
    14 days ahead of time is no guaranty it
    will get posted to your account on time.
    I personally know of one instants where the
    payment was mailed 18 days before the due
    date. Guess what, it got posted the day after the due date, (19 days) and guess
    again, that's rite LATE FEE. When the customer called to complain they told her
    they did not get the payment until the day
    it was posted. She got a real nice letter
    from one of the crooks stating that the FEE
    was legal and her complaint was basically
    useless. Jeff just in case you haven't figured it out, Joseph is a CCB employee
    who champions CROOKS COUNTRY BANKS way of
    doing business. It does not matter if you
    pay on time, it does not matter if you pay
    more than the minimum. Granted they don't get to everybody, but if you read all the post on this board (i mean all of them go back through all the pages)you will see just
    how crooked they are. They have destroyed
    alot of peoples lives with their bogus FEES
    for lost payments, and late posting.
    They also say they have the ability to be
    one of the best in the sub-prime market.
    they may have, but that will never happen
    as long as they treat customers the way they do. The bad thing is I don't see a change
    in their behavior or crooked way anytime soon.
  11. Art

    Art Guest

    Jeff and all,

    My wife and I both had a card through CCB. Whoever Joseph is he is so full of crap I can smell him from where I sit. We canceled our account over a year ago with CCB and even after closing it, they still billed us for over 300 dollars! We finally resolved it with them after 3 months and 3 certified letters they closed the account. Even now I just applied for a home loan with my credit union and they turned me down because my credit report stated that I owed Cross Country Bank 24 dollars and that the account was charged off as bad debt Feb 2000. I don't owe them anything and even after closing the account they are still giving off a stench in my life! So now I have to clear this problem up and then my credit union will approve me but not till then. So if CCB is so good Joseph, how come so many people are having such problems. And it's not because we don't pay our bills. I like so many others have had numerous problems with CCB and not because my payments were late but because I complained to them about their erroneous charges and fees that started appearing on my statement. After I stated I wanted to close my account the crap really hit the fan! Anyway if you are looking for a credit card that works for you and you get to deal with nice human beings try Providian or Capital One. I have had these cards for over 3 years and the customer service is excellent.
  12. BOB

    BOB Guest

    Art, Joseph is one of CROOKS COUNTRY BANKS
    lowlife collectors. He comes on here and says
    pay your bill on time and you will have no trouble with CCB. We all know that's a crock
    Everyone on here knows that CCB is the most
    distrusted company in the business. They will
    tell you one thing and do the opposite. If
    it's worth anything, You are not the only one to be screwed by CCB, there are thousands out there that CCB has screwed royally. It's funny Joseph and John come on
    here and say that CCB has the ability to be
    a leader in the sub-prime market area.
    That will never happen as long as they treat customers the way they do. I enjoy reading
    Joseph's BS it's a riot, because like all
    other CCB employees he's full of crap. no
    one on this board believes anything he says,
    and we just look at it as an employee trying
    to stand up for his co. If you want to call CCB a co. So Art just overlook Joseph he's
    a brainwashed CCB idiot.
  13. Fish

    Fish Guest

    Funny...I've had a card from them for at least three years and have never had ONE problem. The credit line has been raised several times and has been changed to the Silver Prefered with a higher limit that there was not a fee to increase the limit.
    Only once did they mess up on the payment, but they reversed the late fee without even as much as small arguement, the card started out with $800 limit and is now over $2500 limit. If the bill is paid I don't see a problem with them
  14. BOB

    BOB Guest

    They don't screw everyone, but their track
    record shows that they get to a high percentage of their customers. Most of the time it has nothing to do with paying your
    bill on time. For some reason they never get
    alot of payments. Or get them and hold them
    so they can add FEES to your account. If you
    read all the posts on all these pages I think
    you will get a better picture of just how crooked they can be. Again I say they don't get everyone, but they do screw a high percentage of their customers.
  15. Len

    Len Guest

    Cross Country is like the plague. Many survive it unscathed, but the victims are enough in number that it has an awful reputation. Exposure to Cross Country is not recommended.
  16. ShannonEM

    ShannonEM Guest

    Mr. Joseph Smith, with all due respect I beg to differ with you on the 'not pay on time' portion of your statement. I have kept excellent records and have paid before they indicated on my bill payment forms. I kept getting a higher and higher interest rate. I bought a vcr during the christmas holidays and that was it. I went as far as to pay twice what my payment was and still I received letters upon letters saying my interest payment was going up because I was late with payment. But I am not as dumb as they think. I copied every single check that they cashed which I might add was way before the due date and send them copies as well as the credit bureaus. I did cut my card and refused to pay them a penny. Let them do whatever they want. I am just not paying a dime.
  17. GS

    GS Guest

    Shannon, I suggest you get a coppy of your credit report and see what CCB has reported.
    Then if you have kept all pay records I would contact an attorney and bring suit against them. They hate courts because they usually lose big time. As far as JOSEPH
    goes don't pay any attention to him, he's
    just another one of CROOKS COUNTRY BANK employees that has no morals or ethics.
    He's proven that with his statements on this board. PLUS the man is a chronic lier.
  18. James Kirk

    James Kirk Guest

    RE: cross country bank (do wha

    This is my first time on this message board and this is really weird!
    you guys discuss credit cards?? Ive had a few credit cards in my life
    Associates, and Cross Country, I found no difference between
    them really except for CCB intrest rate which I now
    realize that "I" could have avoided by reading up b4 shopping and maybe
    cancelling but didnt. Im 25 and i just learned to use them to est. credit
    with select purchaces, and I now have paid them all and buy what i need with cash
    and use credit for important things, not shoes and chinese food and especially not
    cash advances.
    my question is why is everyone so upset with Credit Card Companies??
    these are loaning money and charge intrest for it and
    don't you and I as consumers have the right to simply read
    the agreements and decide? I wonder what you guys are doing
    faster- bashing them, or going to mall... after all
    didnt everyone here who has a problem with cc companies have to
    apply, accept and charge money!!!?!?! it seems as though people are
    upset that they cant shop and simply pay at their convience regardless
    of the terms under which they charged..
    Kinda like a friend asking to borrow an item under the agreement to bring it back
    with in a couple of days but as soon as they have it ,,,its like they say " oh well
    i'll just take it back whenever"
    Do what you say you will , or don't say you will.
  19. GS

    GS Guest

    RE: cross country bank (do wha

    You need to go back to school and learn to
    read . When it comes to CCB, well lets just
    say their bigger thiefs than Al Capone. It
    has nothing to do with paying on time or
    paying more than the minimum. They screw alot of their customers anyway they can.
    Just read all the posts on these pages concerning CCB and you will get the picture.
    They are the biggest bunch of crooks in the
    business. By the way do you know Caroline
  20. james kirk

    james kirk Guest

    RE: cross country bank (do wha

    Who is Caroline?

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